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A man changing out the bag of a vacuum cleaner while a cloud of dust spreads around him

Bagged or Bagless? That is the Question!

Right now, I am on a mission to find the perfect vacuum cleaner for my apartment. My current vacuum does not seem to be firing on all cylinders and perhaps needs a filter change, but it has made me think more about getting an upgrade.

After speaking to a friend, they told me that they use a bagged vacuum cleaner. According to them, it was more efficient and more hygienic. When I asked them to back up that info they could not. I needed to do some research. The air quality has been really poor recently. We have had a couple of thunder and lightning storms (here in the UK) and it has affected the air pressure causing my asthma to flare. So this is the reason I am re-evaluating and re-assessing how I can keep on top of things.

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What are the benefits of a traditional vacuum?

There seem to be 2 main benefits to using bagged vacuums. It seems my friend was correct about the hygienic explanation. Apparently, bagged vacuums are more hygienic. There are several reasons why this may be the case such as; because the filter is in the bag itself, when replaced with a new bag the filter will obviously be new too. Also, the bags are airtight. This ensures that when replacing, all the debris and dust are locked in tight and will not escape into your environment.

You can now buy some bagged vacuums that have HEPA filtration. This is particularly good for people with allergies as it helps to trap all those horrible dust particles out of the air. HEPA air filters, or high efficiency particulate air filters, are proven to remove a significant portion of allergens from the air. 1

Dust escapes into the air when I empty my bagless vacuum

Bagless machines are easier to see when it needs emptying. The design of many models is so that the chamber where the dust is collected is transparent, making it easier to see when it needs changing. They are relatively simple to change, and of course, you do not need to spend money buying more bags. The downside is that whenever I empty my bagless vacuum some of the dust escapes into the air. Even when I am being extremely careful.

Will switching to a bagged vacuum make a noticeable difference in my asthma?

Obviously, you would not have dust escaping when emptying a bagged vacuum cleaner. We all lead very busy lives and it can be easy to settle for the most convenient option, but I think being a person with asthma, I have to give myself the best chance to live a cleaner life.

Does anyone know if using a bagged vacuum cleaner makes a noticeable difference?

I do not really want to spend money on this if I do not have to. However, I think if it does make a noticeable difference then it is well worth doing. Please, share your experience in the comments section below.

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