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"Single's Awareness day" as my friends are apt to call it is here. I have spent the vast majority of my Valentine's days alone and I'm ok with that. A romantic night out with a special someone is certainly an appealing idea to me. I see no reason to get all wrapped up having a date on the most crowded night of the year. It would be just as nice to enjoy a date night some other random day the rest of the year. It might not hurt to send your sweetie a copy of Kerri's gift giving guide for people with asthma if they didn't quite get the memo last holiday. Whether you're headed out on a blind date or going for a special night with your partner of many years there are some asthma triggers to consider:

Perfumes or colognes

Too much on your date an you may find yourself reaching for your inhaler.


if you are allergic obviously this nice gesture might not be so welcome.


Or anything else diffuses a fragrance could be a potential trigger for you.


If it's cold where you live it might sound just delightful to curl up with your valentine near the fireplace. However, the smoke from the fire may be a trigger for you. I know personally, I can sit and enjoy a fire but I have to plan to wash everything I'm wearing and myself afterward.

Pets or dust mites in at your valentine's home

If this is the first time you're visiting your date's home you want to be sure to make sure they haven't forgotten to mention their beloved Fluffy or Fido. Hopefully, you've already discussed it together. It doesn't hurt to double check that their home is free of your major indoor triggers.


Dancing the night away might be just delightful as long as you've appropriately pretreated for the exercise.

It is always a balancing act how much you disclose to others about your asthma when you first meet them. I am one to keep things fairly private until I know the person well. I probably wouldn't bring it up on a blind date unless I had to. When I have to take inhalers in public or am having a rough round of coughing I take a matter of fact approach to it. I don't try to hide what is going on and simply state that I have asthma. Obviously, if you are going out with a long term partner they will know what is going on and are hopefully supportive of whatever you need from them. This might be a good time to show your appreciation for their support throughout the year. My plan this year for Valentine's Day is either to go to my regular weekly bicycling group. I might also have a "love stinks and then you die" themed movie marathon. This fun tradition that hails from my college days when those of us who weren't headed out for a date would gather in one of the res hall lounges with snacks for a movie night. How about you? What fun asthma friendly things did you do valentine's day?

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