Can’t Afford Your Medicine?  Here’s Some Tips

Last updated: April 2022

Asthma medicines can be quite expensive. This can be true even if you have good insurance. For instance, my monthly copay for Symbicort and Ventolin is $50 a month. But, there are ways to get around this.

Tips for affording asthma medication

Ask for free samples

This is where your doctor gives you samples of the medicine. On many occasions, I have received free samples from my doctor. These free samples are given to doctors by sales representatives who want doctors to prescribe their medicines. A problem with this is that it’s getting harder and harder for doctors to get them. I have received many free samples over the years from my asthma doctor. But, the last time I talked to him, he said he can’t give them out any more. He said it’s not worth all the paperwork he has to fill out. If your doctor still gives them out, this is a great way to get free medicine.

Look For deals on pharmaceutical websites

Pharmaceuticals companies often offer deals. Using this strategy, I received a year's worth of free Breo back in 2015. Using that same strategy, I just received and used a coupon for free Symbicort for a year. So, this seems to be the best way I’ve found to get free medicine. This beats paying a $50 copay for Symbicort each month. It definitely beats paying the full price, which is hundreds of dollars.

Seek alternative medicines

Breo is a new and patented medicine. The copay for me is $100. For some inexplicable reason, my insurance loves Symbicort. The copay for this medicine is $50. So, I talked to my doctor and he and I both agreed that I should try Symbicort. The ability to try alternative medicines also allows you to take advantage of deals when they come up. For instance, for the longest time, I was taking Advair. There were no special deals for that medicine. So, taking Symbicort allowed me to take advantage of a special deal where I an get Symbicort free for a year. Next year, when that deal expires, I’ll be looking for other deals. Say Dulera offers a deal for free Dulera for a year. You can bet I’ll be on the phone with my doctor to get a prescription for Dulera.

Check out websites designed to help

There are many websites whose volunteers are there to help you find deals. Examples include, but are not limited to,,, Partnership for Prescription, and National Conference of State Legislatures. There are also government assistance programs that help if you qualify. Examples here include and So, these are also some nice options worth trying if you need it.

What to make of this?

Respiratory medicines, especially inhalers, can be very expensive. Thankfully, there are good people willing and capable of offering assistance. Listed here are just a couple ideas for getting deals on your medicine. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve taken advantage of any of these. Also, let us know if you are aware of other ideas for getting affordable or free asthma medicine.

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