Pikachu And Asthma?

Allow me to explain.

I just saw a commercial for the new animated Pikachu movie and it reminded me of a time when Pikachu brought hope and happiness to our family. How?

Bringing cheer to kids in the hospital

I have written several times about my kid's 12 hospitalizations for asthma. (Can I tell you how much I hate pneumonia and also smoke from forest fires?) During one of the hospitalizations, my middle son was 7 years old and was one sick kid.

As we were spending some miserable time in his hospital room in the pediatrics ward, a full-sized Pikachu costumed character came into his room! Pikachu was visiting to help cheer up kids in the hospital.

My son looked a lot like Pikachu

My pale son with swollen red cheeks (thanks to his Solu-Medrol IV) was bored, tired of his IV, oxygen, and breathing treatments and was begging to go home. In walked Pikachu. I watched my listless son transform into a carefree 7-year-old kid. No different from any other kid when his favorite Pokemon card came to life.

My eyes filled with tears as his face lit up with excitement. He couldn't get over his good luck! And he was so sad his big brother wasn't there to see it, as he was in school. Pikachu hugged my son and gave him a Pikachu t-shirt. My son stared at that shirt like it was the most amazing treasure in the world. He couldn't believe it!

Bringing cheer to the whole family

But - he looked at me frantically. What about his big brother? His big brother who played Pokemon cards with him? He needs a Pikachu shirt too! We looked at Pikachu and he shrugged and my son started to cry. Pikachu could see how important it was and gave him another shirt to give to his brother.

That visit did more to improve his spirits and health than anything else! It's been 17 years, and I can still remember how much that meant to my son. The guy in the Pikachu costume probably can't remember ever visiting the hospital, but we can.

Thanks Pikachu!

As I see commercials for the new movie, I will always remember people who went out of their way to cheer up a very sick little kid in the hospital. That helped him turn the corner and he was finally able to leave the hospital the next day.

Funny thing how hope can help heal a kid (along with lots of asthma medicine!).

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