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Chest Infections: No Good for My Asthma

As all asthma sufferers are likely aware, by having this respiratory condition our immune systems are often weaker than the average person's. I know mine is. I have allergies too, so my immune system is always compromised. No matter how proactive I try to be, I am never able to stop myself from getting sick.

Right now, I have picked up a chest infection. My glands are up, my throat is sore, I have a gnawing headache, and I just feel completely run down. Running on low as they say. I have taken a few days off from work which causes me a little stress because I do not like to let people down. But when you are sick, you are sick.

Differentiating between asthma and chest infections

As a result of this, my asthma has taken a turn for the worse. So, it is important that I get on top of this quickly because I can feel things spiraling out of control very quickly if I do not act fast.

For anyone wondering how they can differentiate between asthma and a chest infection; the symptoms are very similar, and for me consist of tightening of the chest, breathlessness, wheezing, and coughing. I know when I have a chest infection, however. The signs I look out for are when my chest hurts, as well as when I cough and when I bring up yellow\green phlegm. Yuck!! On top of this, I think my temperature is a little high and I have a dull headache. I should just add that you should also pop along to the doctor and get checked out to know for sure.

Resisting going on antibiotics

Right now, I am trying to fight this infection with good living and plenty of sleep and relaxation. It is working to an extent, but I am still struggling. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential for me at this time. Doing so helps the body to keep hydrated and hopefully flush out any toxins building up in my body. I am taking all my daily asthma meds and what I am really hoping for is that I do not need to go on antibiotics.

Antibiotics are powerful drugs, and while they may cure an infection in the body, the side effects for me are nearly always stressful. My eczema will flare, and I usually get eye problems. However, if my symptoms persist I may have to visit my doctor and get the dreaded prescription.

Taking my preventative inhaler

If I want to stop my asthma from getting worse I need to be disciplined with taking my preventative inhaler. When I get sick I cannot slip up and forget to take my inhaler, otherwise, things can go downhill very fast. My asthma is not great but it is certainly not getting worse. In some cases, with advice from my primary care provider, I will increase the dosage of my meds as a way of giving an extra boost to my lungs.

Hopefully, this will allow me to get on top of this chest infection and get better soon. As for now, it's more of the same... sleep and more sleep!

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