Choose Your Own Adventure… Without an inhaler.

I can probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve left the house without my inhaler. Maybe three.
Continuing on with this developing theme of my "human with asthma thoughts" about things like consciousness, or having my backpack unpacked by YYC (Calgary International Airport) security, here’s the one about forgetting my inhalers at home.

This morning, I got up early (for me. I woke up at 7:39 am, though I didn’t get out of bed until sometime after 8:40—working from home perks!) and decided to go for a quick walk to the store. I’ve been more frequently trying to go for a walk in the morning, even if it just winds up being to the store and to hit up some Poke Stops in Pokemon Go (yes…) to help me focus a bit better when I get down to writing.

Over halfway to the store, I realize my inhaler is not in my pocket. I roll my eyes at myself.

Slowing my pace, I assess the morning. It’s early. I’ve taken all my morning meds (almost forgotten, but then remembered!). It’s a lovely 13*C (55*F), considering it’s the last day of August, and the air still feels pretty crisp. My lungs feel decent. I won’t be gone long...
Sometimes, it’s imperative to just weigh things out. I decided that while, yes, I should go back for my inhaler, I’m not going to. Do not follow my example on this one, please, but here’s my thought process.
Realistically, as I’ve discussed with my friend Steve about forgetting our inhalers, we believe we’re more likely to tune into our asthma symptoms without having an inhaler with us because medicine can be a bit of a lifeline. So, it’s a tiny bit anxiety provoking when there’s not an inhaler in our pocket, in reach. 99 of 100 times I do this loop, and/or the walk to the bus stop which is the same path, I do not need my inhaler (unless I have to book it for a bus. You know.). So, I should be fine.

This started a spiral effect of thoughts, though. Part of me had considered just zipping downtown on the bus afterward. The inhaler was one reason why I shouldn’t—or, really, couldn’t—just jump on a bus and not be back for 3 hours (the other was the end-of-month work to be done at home!). I even considered picking up another inhaler at the pharmacy, which was simply ridiculous. Hey, it was a possibility. And totally like an asthma themed Choose Your Own Adventure book but with less cliffs and stuff.
Of course, I didn’t do any of those things. I just went about my wander through the store and my walk, didn’t kick up my pace too hard because this would be the time for my exercise induced asthma to bother me enough to actually make me uncomfortable, and caught the PokeStops on the longer loop back while still in motion. Because really, better focus and Pokemon Go are the reasons I went out, not to spend $8 at the store and not to think about how I have to keep asthma at the back of my mind far more often than I’d like to.
Although I guess I should bring asthma to the front of my mind a little bit more, as experiences as of late have indicated!

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