Church Camp? With Asthma?

Church camp

This falls under the category of: trying to let Daughter participate with her church youth group vs me being completely stressed out.

This is her 6th year (and last year) with her church youth camp, but it doesn't make it any easier. The camp is located up in the mountains, out of cell phone range - which makes me nervous. There is a caretaker couple with who lives in a house on site, and they have a land line. So, if there was a medical emergency, they could call for help. would be a long wait for an ambulance or any other medical help to get there.

The kids stay in cabins, which I guess makes me feel a little bit better. At least she is protected from the elements. Which could help with her allergies to trees, flowers, bushes, etc.

Each year, the high school aged girls get a special hike - to an overnight spot where they pitch tents and pass off some basic survivor skills. Camping and recreating outdoors is a very popular where I live, so it's good for the girls to learn how to take care of themselves if they were lost in the woods. Sadly, kids are frequently lost in the woods here. Sometimes they find the kids, sometimes they don't. The girls learn how to create a shelter, start a fire, etc.

The only problem is that the overnight hike puts them even FURTHER out of cell phone range.

The camp director called to see if I would allow Daughter to go on the over night hike. Nope. Each year they ask, and each year I tell them no.

I will compromise by letting her attend the camp, but that doesn't mean I have to let her go further up the mountain, further away from cell phone range and from medical help.

I ALWAYS send up the nebulizer, so Daughter could use that to give herself a breathing treatment at the Caretaker's house (since they have electricity.)

There is always a nurse present at the camp, so I make sure she knows my Daughter, knows her history with asthma (4 hospitalizations for asthma), and knows how to contact me.

But my life would be a LOT easier if Daughter would attend our local camp sponsored by American Lung Association. But, she "doesn't know anybody there", so she won't go.

Most states have a camp sponsored by American Lung Association. The reassuring thing about their camps is that the kids get all the fun of camp, but are medically supervised (so parents don't have to worry as much!) I found information from Arizona's Camp Not-A-Wheeze. They provide:

".....activities ranging from horseback riding, hiking, canoeing, fishing and more while also attending asthma education class to learn more about properly managing their asthma. Campers are accompanied throughout the week by licensed medical professionals who volunteer to ensure a safe, well monitored environment."

All American Lung Association camps have doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, etc who keep an eye on the kids, make sure they take their medicine every morning and every night, and help kids who might have an asthma flare. So if one of the kids has a problem, they can immediately be helped onsite by medical personnel.

What a great way to let the kids participate in the rite of passage (summer camp), but be safe and medically supervised.

I'm sure Daughter will be JUST FINE at church camp - so I should quit worrying, right?!

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