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Asthma Awareness Month 2024: Cultivating Community

Navigating life with asthma can be overwhelming. You may be looking to connect with real people who also live with asthma, but maybe you don't know where to find them!

This Asthma Awareness Month, we want to highlight opportunities on to learn and connect with others impacted by asthma to cultivate a supportive online community.

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Most people begin by reading our articles written and published weekly by community Health Leaders about their personal experiences with managing asthma, symptoms, and treatment options. In addition, we share interactive articles with polls, This or Thats, and other engagement features to involve our community members in our content.

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We also have an Editorial Team that brings the latest news, research updates, and information about asthma to our community.

Here are some articles our readers recommend:

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Articles are just the beginning! You can ask questions or start conversations using our forums. You can post pictures relating to your experiences, share tips and advice (non-medical, of course), and ask for support from our community.

Here are some trending forum discussions:

Browsing our forums is a great way to get answers to your questions and hear directly from those who have been through it.

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Read community stories

Have you ever wondered, "Am I the only one dealing with this?" or "Has anyone else had this symptom?"

On, you can find community members who have shared their own stories about life with asthma. You can share your story with others, too.

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Want to share how you are feeling today? Your status update is a quick way to update the community on how you are doing. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by symptoms, unsure how to manage an unexpected flare-up, or juggling parenting with your or your child's asthma, we are here to listen and provide support!

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We hope you can enjoy this space to learn more information, share experiences, ask questions, and connect with a community that can relate to navigating the complex world of asthma!

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