Dealing With Unsolicited Medical Advice

We have all been there. Whether it was a friend, neighbor, colleague or family member. They heard of a new tea/herbal pill/essential oil etc and they want you to try it out to help your asthma. But they don’t realize that you are highly allergic to said tea/herbal pill/essential oil etc. (Some asthmatics do great with these things while others do not.) They completely mean well and absolutely had no ill intentions whatsoever. How many of you have had this or a similar situation happen?

Perhaps someone saw a commercial on tv for a new asthma medication and told you that you need to try it. Or what about changing your diet completely? I could go on for days. I’m sure you could too with things you have been told. Everyone has an opinion and for the most part people mean well. This is what is important to remember.

For the longest time I would roll my eyes and get incredibly frustrated when people would give me unsolicited medical advice.

The cold sales email/phone calls

“Hi I see you have asthma, I have a product that might benefit you. But no pressure.” These particular emails/phone calls that come out of the blue are called “cold calls.” You didn’t ask for them. A lot of times, sales people will prey on people that seem desperate for relief and might be willing to try anything at any cost. They won’t even consider any possibility of potential allergies or sensitivities, etc. So just be careful and do your research and ALWAYS discuss it with your doctor. I can’t stress this enough. These are the ones that personally frustrate me the most because they don’t know me nor my asthma history but are still trying to give me “medical advice” and sell me a product that can alleviate my symptoms? No thanks.

Strangers on the internet

This is a tricky one because in the digital age there are tons of amazing support groups on the internet. And again, everyone has an opinion and advice to give. That worked for you? Great! Doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. (Like I said above, just do some research if it is something you think might be helpful to you and discuss it with your doctor). For your safety medical advice should never be given out over the internet in any groups and is generally against most online community standards.

Family and Friends

What took me a long time to realize is that family and friends aren’t constantly giving medical advice to be annoying. LOL. They really really REALLY care. They see us struggling to breathe and will do anything to help us breathe and if they can find a “magic pill” they would go to the ends of the earth to find it I’m sure. What used to drive me bananas now makes me smile when they call to tell me the latest and greatest because it really shows they care about me and are thinking about me. It truly changed my perspective about how I looked at things.

When it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to say no thank you to any unsolicited medical advice. This is *your* health. You get to call the shots. The only people who should be giving you medical advice is your doctor. ALWAYS consult with your doctor regarding any and all potential changes or modifications to your asthma treatment plan.

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