I Guess I Should Clean That

I don't know about you, but personally, housework isn't on the top of my list of ways to spend my weekend. I tolerate a pretty high level of disorder in my home before I urge to clean sets in. There are so many more exciting ways to spend my time. Intellectually, I know that having more surfaces to collect dust and things laying around to harbor mold isn't the best thing for my health. And yet when I went to change the filter on my HVAC system recently I was greeted with this:

The author, Kat, discusses things she needs to clean as someone living with asthma

Cleaning the air in your home

My system's filters start out white. At least I'm not breathing in all this dust or whatever else is on that filter.

I will be sitting myself down to have a good heart to heart about cleaning the apartment this spring. The importance of cleaning the house to me can be summed up in the fact that planning to move is most of the reason I have a bee in my bonnet about cleaning. The thought of a move has me reading about minimalism. The idea of boxing up and moving my worldly possessions across town has me questioning how many of them are really necessary. Like seemingly everyone a few years ago I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. While I can't say that I was entirely successful in tidying up my life I did take away the idea of only keeping things that as the author would say "spark joy".

Decluttering to control asthma triggers

While at times it is easier or harder to get rid of things from my life I know that the fewer things that are around the house the easier it will be to clean. When I achieve my minimalist dreams there will be fewer things to harbor dust or for mold and mildew to grow in. I have never moved far enough to necessitate making hard decisions about what could go with me. Moving crosstown is simple enough. Sure, I got rid of things in those moves but nothing like I would've in a cross country move. There are boxes that I packed up when we cleaned out my bedroom to move away to college a decade ago. They sit in my storage area in the basement harboring goodness knows what asthma triggers untouched.

Spring cleaning for me this year is not so much about giving everything a good vacuum or wiping down the forgotten corners of the house. Yes, I will break out the dust mask, rags, broom, vacuum, and mop. This year I am taking it a step further and trying to really get to the root of the clutter. It is about taking a good long hard look at the things in my life. Does it really need to sit around collecting dust? Is it important enough to me to box up and move across town? Certainly, gives me some food for thought as I try to find my inner neat freak. How about you? What form does your spring cleaning take? Are you a natural cleaner or tidying challenged like me?

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