Doctor's Office "Frequent Flyer" Status

For my last several doctor’s appointments, I’ve found myself a week or two before the appointment searching back in my phone calendar AND my paper planner to figure out when my appointment is… to no success.

Perks of being a regular at the doctor's office

Usually this happens at about 10 PM—or 5:30 PM when I know my doctor’s office has recently closed. I’ve gone to my primary care doctor now for 7 years, and when I started seeing her my asthma was both fairly recently diagnosed and really, really out of control (because, while over treatment of asthma is a problem, I was being under treated and that was problematic too), and I had another 6 month period of time when I was in there and another specialist’s office really frequently for other medical nonsense. The above scenarios mean my doctor’s assistant, Cathy, knows me really well—too well for my liking, let’s be honest—and while she used to worry when I was phoning, now she pretty much knows that I am phoning because a) I forgot my appointment date, or b) I need to reschedule because I’ve booked a trip or forgotten I’d be away on the date of my appointment. Well, this round was Option A.

“Doctor’s office.”

(Yes sometimes I am greeted with non-specific "Doctor’s Office”. Which feels both old-timey and sometimes confusing, especially when it is not Cathy answering the phone, which is rare.)

“Hi Cathy, it’s Kerri MacKay—"

“Hi! How are you?”

“I’m good, how are you?"

Nothing like a social call, right?

“I’m good! What can I do for you?"

"I’m pretty sure I have an appointment next week, but I don’t remember when it is."

“Let me see here… Next Thursday, March 2, at 8:45 AM."

“Okay, thanks!"

“We’ll see you then!"

The kicker is, every time, Cathy asks if I want a card with my appointment date, and every time I say no because there is no way I’ll still have that card 3 months from now, right? Wrong, I still have my yearly appointment card I got from another doc in August. It’s on the bathroom counter with a bunch of gift cards inside a binder clip. (Normal places, I know.) I put the appointment in my phone and half the time apparently fail to hit the Done button to actually save the “event”.

Also, I was supposed to go for blood work after my last appointment and hahaha that never happened because I had to run out to a meeting which I wound up being late to anyways.

While I joke that it’s not good that my doctor’s assistant knows me so well, it has been helpful a lot of times, especially when I’ve been sick or needed prescriptions refilled quickly. Having a good relationship with them also means that at times I’ve had to go in for a flu shot, which takes all of a minute, they have actually booked me in at 8:25, just ahead of the first 8:30 appointment slot of the day—and I’ve found myself bounding down the clinic stairs at 8:27.

While being a frequent flyer at the doctor’s office at points in my life was certainly not a good thing, it’s paid off in the long run, I guess! I mean, I was spoiled by my pediatric orthopedic surgeon who I saw for the first 14 years of my life who would personally come and find my mom and I through the back door of x-ray… Hey, gotta find the perks somewhere, right?

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