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How Are You Doing This Allergy Season?

How are you doing this spring allergy season? Me? Oh, I am doing fairly well. My treatment regimen is adjusted perfectly. And this makes it so I actually feel pretty normal for this time of year. And I’m happy about that.

Springtime used to be miserable for me!

Finding no relief: Allergy season with asthma

In the past, I’d always be sniffling and sneezing this time of year – even when my asthma wasn’t acting up. The sniffling and sneezing represented good asthma days. If I participated in "adventures" in the yard, per se, my eyes would also become red and itchy. And, if I gave in to the urge to rub them, they’d become swollen. And I would lie on my bed, turn the Detroit Tigers on, and listen to announcers Paul Carrie and Ernie Harwell.

“And he sat there like a car on the side of the road and watched that one go by,” Ernie would chant. Or, “And he hit a long fly ball into the left-field stands. A man from Ludington, Michigan, came down with that one.” It was always soothing hearing their voices.

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And mom would give me a cool, damp washcloth to put over my eyes.

I don’t know why, but my doctor told my mom that I should not use antihistamines. So, there was nothing I could take to ease the suffering back then. Today we know it’s safe to use antihistamines. But I rarely need them, as my doctor has prescribed medicines that are far better to keep my springtime allergies in check.

Springtime without asthma symptoms

I now feel normal in the springtime on most days.

So long as I don’t participate in certain projects, my allergies and asthma stay in check, even in the springtime. This is like a small miracle to me. Most people take springtime for granted. But considering my past, I do not take it for granted. I appreciate every day I can enjoy the fresh, cool breeze without feeling symptoms.

I do have my moments, but they are never as bad as, say, 20 years ago. For instance, yesterday I decided to clean the garage. And, despite being exposed to lots of allergens in there, I did not experience any symptoms. But then it came time to sweep the garage. I usually wear an N-95 mask with snowmobile goggles. I look funny, but at least I can sweep without inhaling anything.

But yesterday, I also decided to test my allergy shots. I have been taking them for a year. The only way to see if they are working is to test them out. So, I swept the garage without putting anything over my mouth, nose, and eyes. And, to my dismay, it backfired. My lungs got tight – very tight.

I had to take a shower as soon as I went into the house. And I found this was a difficult task given I was pretty short-winded. Then when I was done, I found my nebulizer and took a nice long treatment. Interestingly, this was all I needed to get my wind back. And that was it. It did not take me 3 days to recover from this, as would have been the case in the past. So, perhaps the allergy shots are working.

Bouncing back faster

A day later, I sit here writing about this experience and have zero symptoms. My nose is not running. My eyes are not itching. My chest is not tight. It’s a revelation of sorts. So, despite yesterday’s flare-up, I’m feeling pretty good this spring. And I’m happy about that.

So, back to my opening question: How are you doing this spring? Please share your story in the comments below.

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