Fitting in the Flu Shot - Part 1: Just do it!

Last updated: June 2018

I get it: intentionally going somewhere to get jabbed in the arm with a needle is not the most attractive thought process to contemplate. I’m not bothered by needles, but I know a lot of people would rather do just about anything else. So, flu shots get pushed off, despite that the system has worked steadily to make them increasingly convenient with every year. Yet, over half of Americans, for whatever reason, did not to receive a flu shot in the 2014/2015 flu season according to the Center for Disease Control. If you’re being avoidant due to an egg allergy, check out the new guidelines for 2016.

I walk into my pharmacy, a grocery store, the mall, or a hospital and I'm greeted by signs directing me to where I can go to receive a flu shot. Why didn’t I just do it? Because I told myself, I had a plan. I didn’t want to sit around and potentially wait for a flu shot. Who wants to wait beside a potentially already-sick person in the pharmacy or clinic? Nope. Really, for me, waiting is the inconvenience—not the flu shot itself. My own doctor would let me leave immediately after, but with a pharmacist or community clinic, you are forced to wait to ensure you don’t have an adverse reaction to the flu shot—I get it: safety first! The other issue is that while the sign literally appears in front of me, it wasn’t what I had planned: even though it’s right in front of me, I tell myself it’s still out of my way.

The reason for this is, perhaps, that the option I’ve taken the last two years is so ridiculous and so convenient and it is technically not a real or conventional option for how to get your flu shot. I hit up my sport medicine doctor on Twitter direct message (who is my athlete’s dad, so I knew him before he saw me for my knee injury, which makes it confusing), and say “Hello! Can I get a flu shot at practice tomorrow?

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