Friends With The Pharmacist

So, being well known by your pharmacist is on the same level as being a frequent visitor to the car repair shop - neither seems like a great idea.

However, we have enjoyed getting to know our pharmacist and pharmacy techs. After all, we see them on a weekly basis. I have a family of 5  and all 5 of us have allergies and take various types of allergy medicine, and 4 of us have asthma and take various asthma inhalers.

So it seems like I am always at the pharmacy because someone needs a refill.

Since Pharmacy Team see us all the time and knows us well, they take care of us. Recently, it was time for my annual check up with Asthma Doc. That meant a new prescription for my daily, controller inhaler.

When Pharmacy tech ran the prescription through the computer, she said that my co-pay would be $75. I had been paying $25 for the last year. She will usually look for coupons on the computer for us and apply that towards the copay. However, her computer was down, so she asked if I wanted to pull up the website on on my phone and find a coupon.

Uh, yes! If I could save $50, I would happily do so! I quickly did a Google search of my medicine and found a website for the company that makes it. I filled out a little information, and presto! A code popped up on my phone. I walked back over to the pharmacy and Pharmacy tech wrote down the code. It took a few minutes to process, but the new price popped up on the screen - $25. I saved $50 for two minutes of work. (I wish my job would pay me that much!)

Pharmacy Team also suggested an idea for our family. They were starting a new system where they could bundle all of our prescriptions so we would just have to come pick them up once a month. It would take a few months to get them all on the same cycle, but they asked if we were interested? They said they didn't mind seeing us every week but were sure we had other things to do with our time rather than go to the pharmacy after work.

They were right. It seems like I never have enough time to get things done after work. So, we signed up!

It has taken a few months, but we now pick up the medicine for all of us at the same time - and we come away with a big ole' bag of prescriptions.

It has saved us so much time!

They also have a program where they can send out a text message reminder to fill our prescriptions. Even though our inhalers have a counter on them, you actually have to LOOK at the counter to see if it's empty. Daughter and I have each run out of our inhalers because we didn't look at the counter on the back. You can read more about that experience here.

I have found that a little kindness in the world goes a long way.

We are kind and friendly to the Pharmacy Team, and they in turn are helpful and kind in suggesting ways to make things easier for us. From signing up for a reminder program, to bundling our medicines, to suggesting coupons to save us money.

Has anyone else had a good experience with their pharmacy?

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