From the Desk of Al Buterol

Dear Diary,
I’m starting another morning here in the dark. A brief crack of sunlight came in here when she grabbed my buddy Pierre, the preventer again. I hear the kettle boiling which means she’ll be tossing me and the rest of my friends in this bag into her work bag. Fridge has opened and shut, here we go into the work bag next to lunch. Yum, smells like peanut butter oatmeal cookie for breakfast and tomato soup packed up for lunch. Whee, I love hitting the road even if it is just her daily commute. The lunch box has left us to chill in the fridge. Soon she’ll be shoving us under the desk or into the filing cabinet for the day.

Today we’re hanging around the filing cabinet. One of my favorites. It’s so dark in here I can really meditate and think about the existential questions. Maybe today will be the day I find enlightenment. No enlightenment before lunch. I drifted off into a nap instead. She grabs my bag, her knitting, and we pick up the lunch box on the way down to lunch. It’s nice outside and I get to enjoy the fresh air with her. Ah fall, nice an crisp outside, maybe even filled with enough triggers that I’ll get all shook up.

No such luck, we stayed in the bag all of her lunch break. I’m now back up inside the filing cabinet thinking about the big questions in life. Here’s hoping I make some headway this afternoon. Darn it! I fell asleep again. We’re hitting the road again home from work.
Home sweet home, I hear her reheating some leftovers for supper. She’s again reaching for my pal, Pierre . If tonight is workout night I’ll finally get all shook up! I hear her pumping up the tires of the bike! Huzzah! It’s going to be my kind of night. She’ll be grabbing me soon before she heads out on her ride. Maybe it’ll be a particularly strenuous ride and I’ll get to see some scenery mid-ride.

I love it when she goes on social rides!! It’s the highlight of my week. She probably enjoys the company of other cyclists. However, for me I love seeing so many different parts of town.
I was right she’s shook me all up, put me into my buddy Aerie, the spacer, and took two puffs. We’re now hanging out in her bicycle bag. I wonder where she’s taking us? Coffee, Ice Cream, Pub, Maybe the Arch? Only time will tell. We bump over many potholes or cobbles or something. Ah we’ve come to a stop! I wonder where she’s taken us this time. We’re inside somewhere, it is pleasantly warm in here.

Drat! We’re back out into the crisp evening. It will remain forever a mystery where we stopped. A few more bumps and she has brought us back in for the evening. I hear the shower going, she’s probably done with us for the day. Who knows maybe I’ll see her one more time before we all turn in for the night.

Al Buterol

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