Getting Myself Up For Healthy Habits in 2018

In 2017, I made a commitment to recommit myself to a physically active lifestyle. I could not do it without a bit of a faith and a streak of having well controlled asthma. It can be really challenging to stick to a physical activity plan with looming health issues. Sometimes, we just have to make do with what we have. I set out a plan for myself to at least TRY. I think effort is essential. It is true that not everything is always easy but developing a physical activity plan and sticking to it are key. In 2018, I hope to continue this trend by adding more strength training and hopefully working towards by goal of doing a cycling trip later this year.

My 2018 agenda also includes being diligent on maintain healthy body weight. There is clear evidence that links excessive weight and poor asthma control. Studies have also shown that weight loss shows significant improvements in patients who are carrying excessive weight and or obese.1There is also a lot of other research that links maintaining healthy body weight to improved health outcomes. I am hoping to make 2018 my year of awesome health. I am hoping to keep exacerbations at bay and focus on good health. Keeping with the trend of good health, I am working on consuming less salt. I had a kidney stone evaluation recently and it was highly recommended that I watch my salt. This quest is more of a general health concern. Unfortunately, salt is pretty much in everything and I am going to have to set a series of small goals for this one. I am going to start my keeping a food journal and then calculate the mg of salt that I am actually consuming in a day. I really hope the number is not scary.

Last but not least of my top goals for 2018, is to do better at keeping stress at bay. Regular exercise helps me with the this but there other strategies that I would also like to employ such techniques as Tai Chi and meditation. I am going to start by taking a class and see where it goes from there.

I have been really grateful for all the good things that 2017 brought from an asthma perspective. I looking forward to having a very stable and hopefully continually improving asthma or at least asthma management.

What are your asthma goals or healthy habits that you would like to implement in  for 2018?

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