How Does A Full Moon Relate To Asthma?

What a beautiful time of year for a full moon. During a recent full moon, it was definitely one of “those” days at work. Nothing was going right and my family was all having all sorts of weird things happen, too. I actually forgot about the full moon when I went to bed and didn’t even think to go outside and enjoy the beauty!

Our bodies are like moons

I didn’t think much more about the full moon until I was at yoga this morning. My friend (who teaches the class) is very insightful and always leaves us with a short saying that is meant to empower us--and it does!

Full moons

She spoke about how our bodies are like a full moon – sometimes everything is “just right.” You know how it is when you are having a good day. For me, I feel strong and healthy, the kids are happy, my hubby is enjoying his job, my job is going well, and dinner turned out great.

Crescent moons

Then there are those days when the moon is just a crescent moon – it’s like "this is as good as it's going to get today". It seems as though the moon is tired and worn out and all it can manage is a little sliver of light.

Kind of like when I have one of “those days”  – the cat just threw up on the carpet, I get in the car to go to work and have a flat tire (but the screw is in the sidewall of the tire... so now I get to buy a new tire), my work presentation is postponed (after I stressed out and spent all that time getting it ready), I come from work and am too tired to cook dinner and something in the fridge really smells.

Good asthma days vs bad asthma days

Of course, I have to relate everything to asthma. It seems like asthma is like that – good days (or full moons), and bad days (just a crescent moon).

A good day (full moon) is when my adult kids and I take our controller inhalers in the morning, and our lungs behave all day long! We take out controller inhalers before bed and sleep peacefully through the night.

A bad day (crescent moon) is when I am battling pneumonia or bronchitis (in that case, my lungs are cranky for at least a month), or something unexpected triggers my asthma (like That-Lady-That-Works-On-The-3rd-Floor whose strong and stinky perfume in the elevator triggers an asthma attack).

Or when I walk into the kitchen at work to rinse out my lunch container and instantly my throat starts to twitch. I can smell that someone has been using a strong cleaner to wipe down the counters. The twitch is getting worse and I start to cough. If I don't run out of the kitchen, I know I'm going to have a full-blown asthma attack  - you know the really bad ones where you cough so hard you almost throw up? So I have to hold my breath and literally run out of the kitchen with a wet lunch container and back to my desk where I can breathe.

Do you have "full moon" asthma days?

How does your asthma feel? Do you have "full moon" days where you (almost) forget you have asthma? Your lungs are clear and happy and you can do anything you want?

Or crescent moon days where your main goal is to keep breathing and doing breathing treatments?

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