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Asthma Happiness

Last updated: November 2022

What does it take to make a person with asthma happy? For me, the answers are clear.

Easy breathing makes me happy

Several times during a typical day, I take in a deep breath. Ahhh, how nice it feels to be able to do this. It makes me happy when a breath goes into my lungs easily.

I do not take breathing for granted. Most people probably do not even think about their breathing – it just comes naturally and always has. People with asthma have a different perspective. We have experienced some degree of difficulty breathing, so we appreciate every easy breath.

Asthma medicine makes me happy

A few days ago, I entered my local drugstore. I was on my lunch break. I needed to get my Symbicort now, because the pharmacy would be closed when I got out of work. Unlucky for me, there was a long line. And to make matters worse, the customer at the register was unhappy with the pharmacist. I watched as the clerk attempted to address this customer's concerns.

It was 5 minutes before the unhappy person left the register, and in another 10 minutes, it was my turn. When I told the clerk what I needed, she spent a good minute looking at the computer screen. Then she searched various boxes for my prescription, and finally, she pulled it out. A feeling of relief rushed through me.

The clerk checked me out and handed me my prescription. I walked away from the register thinking, “Oh, how I love my Symbicort. I am so happy.” Nerdy, I know. But it is this inhaler that keeps my asthma in check.

Good asthma control makes me happy

My childhood was filled with many years of poor asthma control. I needed my rescue inhaler often. I would experience symptoms often. And there were plenty of unscheduled doctor visits and emergency room (ER) visits. It was not fun.

Back then, asthma happiness happened when my mom brought home a new rescue inhaler. Ahhh, the joy of knowing this little handheld device would quickly give me my breath back! When it did not give me my breath back, I'd go to the ER and get an epinephrine (epi) shot, and this would create a type of happiness I refer to as asthma euphoria.

Thanks to modern asthma wisdom and medicine, I now have good asthma control on most days. When I experience symptoms, they are generally mild and easily reversed. I am able to do most of the things I enjoy doing. This is my favorite definition of good asthma control.

What is asthma happiness?

It's what happens when you all of a sudden can breathe! It's joy caused by the treatments that give you your breath back. And it's joy caused by treatments that help you obtain and maintain good asthma control.

Is asthma happiness the same for you, or do you have another definition? Share with us in the comments!

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