#AsthmaProblems And Other Hashtags

I love Twitter. I used to think it was a really dumb social network—like, 140 characters? Honestly? How am I supposed to convey anything with 140 characters? But, when it was—for a period of time—the only social media not blocked by my high school’s filter (heyyo!) I got into it.
And then I never got out of it.

Over the years, I’ve tried to try to cultivate an asthma community on Twitter, but with few results (if that’s of interest, hit me up in the comments below, and lets chat). One community, though, that seems to work for nearly every medical condition out there is that of the problems hashtag.

Enter #asthmaproblems (or #asthmaprobz)

Sometimes, camaraderie is great. Asthma Problems, though, is never something I’d want to leave as an open tab on TweetDeck. When I need to feel like people get it (and when I, for whatever reason, don’t in that case send an iMessage off to Dia or a Telegram—not the old fashioned kind—off to Kat about it), maybe I’ll grab on to the hashtag for a second.

Or, if I do something asthma-related that is totally wrong but also totally funny. Because, hello, as my friend Chris says, “What good is an incurable disease if you can’t share it with the rest of the world?"

Like this. Seriously?

Or this one.

Because seriously? I had to take my inhaler out of my bag for them to inspect at Canada’s Parliament? And I knew that would be the thing setting off the scanner… *sigh*

These kinds of stories, though, are ones that I do (sort-of) appreciate, because they give me unique experiences that people without asthma wouldn’t necessarily have. And, hey, I’m into a little bit of colour or spice or whatever, even if my lungs are responsible for that.

Which means, that a little bit of spice is not always an asthma problem. So, where else is there to go in the hashtag world?

- #asthma will get you to everything about asthma—from people with asthma, to medical news, to community events about asthma
- #allergyhour is a UK-based Twitter chat related to allergies
- #asthmanews will help you find new information about asthma—however, as always, take things with a grain of salt until you do your research!

Another great website to check out for all things health and Twitter is called Symplur. By searchingasthma on Symplur, you can check out who the top ten asthma tweeters are, what they are talking about, and how often people are tweeting about asthma in a pretty little graph, as well as related hashtags.

Are you on Twitter, and do you use Twitter to find health information? Is an asthma Twitter chat something that you are interested in? Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss! Want to connect directly on Twitter? Follow me at @KerriYWG—I love “meeting" new people!

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