What Kind Of Christmas Tree Should I Get?

Christmas is almost here and my friends are posting pictures of family outings of them picking out the perfect tree. They look like they should be on the front of a Christmas card!

At my house, we are pulling our tree out of it's carefully packaged box. Doesn't THAT sound exciting? That's way more fun than going to a Christmas tree lot! (Insert eye roll and sigh here).

We don't get to enjoy the lovely smell of a real Christmas tree, nor do we have any pesky needles to sweep up.

Just a boring artificial Christmas tree.

Why are we missing out on all the fun?

All 5 of us have allergies (my husband, myself and all 3 kids). We are allergic to everything - trees, grass, flowers, bushes, cats, dogs, horses – basically anything that is alive. And that includes Christmas trees.

And allergies can trigger asthma attacks.

We have tried every allergy medicine and allergy nose spray, and allergy shots for the kids.

The allergy shots helped a little, but my kids can still be miserable with sneezing, runny noses,   itchy eyes and throat. We buy boxes of tissues in bulk!

Hubby doesn’t mind an artificial tree because it saves money since we don’t have to buy a new tree each year.

I do miss the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, but for our family, it’s not worth the miserable month we would spend with a box of tissues. Allergies and asthma can really take the fun out of some holiday traditions!

What is right for your family?

Real or artificial tree?

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