Gifts for People with Asthma

What are some good gift ideas for asthmatics? An asthmatic friend and I were sitting around pondering over this question. We thought about what our asthmatic friends might enjoy. And, we thought of what we might enjoy based on our own experiences.

My recommendations for gifts for people with asthma

Free inhalers

I have a friend with no insurance. He just texted me that he needs inhalers. He needs Symbicort. Obviously, I can’t give him my Symbicort. I mean, I suppose I could. But, I need the medicine for myself. And I imagine that’s probably not legal either. But, what I did for him is send him a link to free inhalers. What better gift could a guy give a fellow asthmatic than a path to free inhalers and better breathing?


Last year I needed a new nebulizer. I went on Amazon and bought the cheapest one I could find. I’m not sure that was a good idea, as it’s not a very nice unit. Sure, it works. But, it’s less than an idea. I’d recommend getting one that’s of more quality. Now, who makes the best nebulizer system is something I’m not sure about. If anyone reading this has ideas, please share in the comments below.

Portable nebulizers

I have never owned a portable nebulizer. I borrowed a friend’s once when I went camping. It was one that plugged into the car outlet. Boy, did it come in handy! It may even have saved my life that night.

Here’s one I think would be nice. Looks like it plugs into power outlets at home and in the car. It also has a battery that holds enough charge to let you take up to 8 treatments. It normally costs $80. But, as I write this, it’s on sale for $50. Hmm, maybe I’ll get that for myself.

Here’s another model. It’s a small, handheld, battery operated unit. I kind of like it. The problem is it’s way over my budget at $275. Actually, it’s on sale as I write this at the low-low price of $199. And that’s still way over my budget. Personally, I’d be happy with either one.


I love reading books. But, sometimes books don’t love me. Newer books are fine. But, once they sit around awhile they tend to collect dust. Some older books even collect mold spores.

You ever smelled an old book? I have. In fact, I have some on my own shelf that I would never touch. Why? Well, ever smell an old book? If you don’t have asthma it probably didn’t affect you. But, when I do it, I sneeze. And, if I hold it long enough, my chest gets tight. So, I was thinking that some new books would be nice. Even better, some e-books are completely hypoallergenic.

Exercise equipment or a health club memberships

If you’re like me, you can’t exercise outside when it’s cold. Since most asthmatics have exercise-induced asthma, I’m pretty certain I’m not alone here. So, we have no choice but to exercise indoors.

Sure, we can stay active in our own homes. But, it’s also nice to utilize health clubs. It’s a great way to get or stay in shape. It’s also a good way of keeping your heart and lungs in good order. Exercise equipment can be expensive. So too can health club memberships. So, a pretty neat gift idea I think.

What gifts would you recommend for people with asthma?

I'm writing what I've come up with for the time being. Probably, if we sat around long enough, we could think of more. But, I think that’s enough for now.

How about you? What do you think of our ideas? Can you think of things we can add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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