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Last updated: July 2021

When I was pregnant, one of the best pieces of advice I received was to make sure to have my hospital bag packed way ahead of time. That way, if I go into labor and need to get to the hospital as soon as possible, I would be able to just grab the bag and go. Recently this got me thinking about being prepared with a go bag also pertains to having asthma.

When my asthma is flaring and I need to seek immediate medical attention, I simply don’t have the time to fumble around to put a bag together. If I already have a specific bag packed I can just grab it and go. Asthma is a disease that can flare up very badly very quickly.

Once I decided to make up a bag to have ready I had to think about what would need to go in it. Here is a list of some of the things that I personally have added to my bag.

Items in my asthma go bag

Practical items

Medication list
This is one that is often overlooked. Print out a list that has all of your medications on it and their dosages. Include more than just your asthma meds, such as medications that are prescribed that you take on a regular basis in addition to any over the counter meds or supplements.

Personal identification info
It’s not realistic to keep your driver's license or ID card in your hospital bag, but do include a copy of your insurance cards and any other important information that you may think the hospital might require. I keep my purse in the same place in my home so I know exactly where it is so if I need to grab my wallet to get my ID if I am headed to the hospital.

Also include names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts that you can give to your nurse. We all know it can be really hard to talk when short of breath and it’s so much easier to just hand them a paper with all of that info already on it.

Phone charger
We live in a digital age and our cell phones are with us at all times. If you end up getting admitted to the hospital you’ll want to have your charger with you.

Comfort items

Extra clothes
While you will more than likely change into a hospital gown for the majority of your hospital stay, still bring an extra set of clothes. I prefer to wear leggings under my hospital gown. Having an extra set will make sure you have clean clothes to go home in.

A toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste are essential! Hospital toothbrushes aren’t the greatest. I hate having dry hands and lips. I have a favorite unscented hand cream in a little container that I keep in my hospital bag. Don’t forget the chapstick to keep your lips moisturized as well!

I will fully admit that I am a pillow snob. I like my own pillow and we all know hospital pillows are sub-optimal. They’re flat and feel like they are made out of plastic. I found a smaller travel type pillow that I love and I keep it in my hospital bag. Another good suggestion is a travel neck pillow.

Something to do
If you end up getting admitted to the hospital, once your breathing starts to feel a bit better you might find yourself a bit bored. Bring a book or puzzle book or something to help pass the time.

What's in your asthma go bag?

What are some other things that you would add to your hospital bag? Tell us - or even share a picture of your bag with us - in the comments below!

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