How Did My Childhood Experience With Wheezing Shape My Adult Asthma Life?

I was part of that generation where asthma was certainly thought to be something that you may be able to "grow out of". What I have been learning is, that asthma is thought to be in remission; some may grow out of it and some may just be in remission. Until recently, I had no idea that there was even a difference. On a quest for more knowledge, yes, I am always on a quest for more knowledge, I have learned just what that may mean.

Firstly, I had to figure out what “remission” actually means in this circumstance. I look through a study and journal articles and for the most part, Asthma remission is considered to be
"Remission was defined as no use of asthma medication and no wheeze during the past 12 months” 1 The data was overwhelming in stating that asthma remissions in childhood are very common 2,3 Other important definitions to consider are the definition of persistent asthma refers to the duration of your asthma symptoms. It is important to know that persistent asthma generally also has an associated severity with it. This can be mild, moderate or severe. 4 Periodic/intermittent asthma in child populations is considered to be a child who has symptoms less than twice per week, nighttime flares that occur less than twice a month at most. Outside of the times the child is free of asthma symptoms 4

There is a lot to know about YOUR asthma

This had me thinking a lot about what I know about my own asthma. It is amazing how razor sharp our parent’s memories can be in this regard. My mom claims that I was a constant wheezer. There are some connections to childhood wheezing before the age of 3 and the development of asthma symptoms. 5 Researchers are working on identifying the connections between wheezing before the age of 3 and the prevalence of asthma. They have been correlated with different phenotypes to the occurrences of wheezing. There is still work to be done this area, however these are greats steps. It looks like my wheezing started before the age of 3, in particular at the age of 2 years. I have had some other correlations to the ongoing research, in particular to the research being done in identifying pediatric phenotypes. An area of development in the phenotype department are some of the theories around airway obstruction in pediatrics and linkages to children that do not reach their maximal growth of lung function in childhood. This research is even been explored in the space of linkages to childhood COPD. A rarity but still an occurrence. 6 I had no idea! I have child size lungs in my adult body, my physicians have theories about me not having reached my maximal growth of lung function. While my case would relate to lung development limitation to physical growth and there is much research still to be done in the area, there are thoughts that this may have something to do with my maximal lung function growth.

I look forward to learning more about the work about the research being done. Stay tuned!

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