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How do you carry your inhaler?

How Do You Carry Your Inhaler?

In my daily life, jeans, tshirts and hoodies are my staples. I write (from my kitchen) and spend a few hours a week hanging out with a family who's middle son has autism. In previous jobs, I've held fairly active roles, which made it easiest to keep my inhaler in my jeans or shorts pocket so that I didn't have to think when it came time to take the kids outside--my inhaler was just there. The habit has stuck for the last 7+ years.

Keeping my inhaler in my pocket works for me, for the most part. Sometimes if I’m worried it’ll fall out of my pocket, I’ll tuck my inhaler in my backpack or another bag, but most of the time, I simply shove stuff in my pockets and go. The only time in my adult life that I’ve for-real worn a dress, so far, is to my high school graduation (the Canadian “dinner and dance” is basically the equivalent to the “prom” I’ve heard about, but probably not quite as fancy, maybe?). The question became where to keep my inhaler, in a dress that had no pockets—the solution became that my date, who was one of my best friends, simply carried my inhaler in his suit pocket (I may have given another to my mom, I can’t recall. I’m 95% sure I didn’t carry a bag though!). Some women have reported to me the ability to carry their inhaler in their bra, but this is something that I personally cannot pull off!

In the Spring, I attended a conference in Toronto, which began with a pre-conference gala. None of my uber casual bags were a good solution for carrying my inhaler, but I ended up using one that totally didn’t match my outfit at all, but was big enough for just my hotel key, iPhone and inhaler. I tucked it under my leg at dinner, and it was pretty much unnoticeable, but not a great solution. I found myself remarking to Dia that I needed an infinity scarf with a pocket—not three days later I was at the Mall of America, and stumbled upon this very item! Problem solved!

Until a month later when I had a wedding to attend, to which I am wearing a skirt for the first time in my adult life (it’s been in my closet forever, worn once with jeans). I’m hoping I can find a suitable clutch for this purpose… but, like I said, jeans and t-shirts and hoodies… this is a purchase that is way out of my comfort zone! I have a few small cute and not-fanny-pack looking waist packs, belts and clip-on cases made for medical supplies that I will also use… but I’ll admit, even then, that’s more suited for my card wallet and keys and stuff… and my inhaler stays right in my pocket. I’m not sure why, but it could do with the fact that I now habitually check if it’s there—and when it’s not it’s just a pain to wrack my brain to remember where it’s at.

Where do you keep your inhaler when you’re out and about? Are you a pocket person like me, even if you have a bag? What kinds of things, similarly, haven’t worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

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