How I Survived Hunting Camp

Camp log: October 7, 2017. It’s 67 degrees at 10 a.m. and I’m sitting here on the front screened in porch of the cabin. Even though it rained all night, smoke is still billowing from the fire pit. I’m in shorts and a T-Shirt, so you know the weather is great for this time of year. I watch as my dad drives his minivan down the two-track.

The irony of the moment hits me: I’m staying and my dad is leaving. Usually, it’s the other way around. Usually, the asthmatic leaves and the dad stays.

Instead, here I am on day two of hunting camp. Like, I made it. I am here enjoying the cool, refreshing breeze. I'm here listening to the pitter patter of rain and the rustle of leaves. I'm here listening to the banter of the guys inside the cabin. I am here looking out into the forest at hundreds or thousands of trees and shrubs and dirt and moss and mold.

And I am sitting here (actually I’m rocking in a rocker) among the unseen. I am sitting here inhaling all sorts of mold spores and pollen and who knows what else. And it’s not bothering me. I’m sitting here clicking away on my Google Chromebook, sipping on my tea, and breathing easy.

Like, this is so cool!

Most of the other guys that are here don’t think anything of it. They don’t notice anything different. But I do.

How did I do it?

  • Symbicort. I take Symbicort twice a day every day. I take the 250/50 dose, so it’s the highest dose available. This reduces underlying airway inflammation and keeps my airways open long-term. It's how I keep my asthma controlled.
  • Singular. This controls the allergy component of my Allergic Asthma. It makes it so that the mold out here doesn't trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Good weather. It definitely helps that it's 64 degrees out here. Still, even in bad weather, these medicines should keep away the allergies and asthma. Or, at least that's the goal. Still, I've had bad experiences sleeping in the musty cabin. Anyway, considering the weather was so nice, I purchased myself an…
  • Air Mattress. I drive a 2006 Chrysler Minivan. Before I left for work I put down the stowe-and-go seats and loaded my car with clean sheets and blankets. The air mattress, which only cost $7.50, made for an excellent bed. There’s lots of room in the back of a minivan, making for a nice, cozy sleeping area. Add in a little battery operated fan, turn it on, and the cool mileau was set. I slept like a baby. Oh, and one more thing.
  • Ventolin. On the way to the cabin I stopped at Meijer and purchased one for $50. You have to have one if you have asthma, especially if you are spending a night at hunting camp. I do not think there has ever been a time when I attended hunting camp and did not use lots of Ventolin until this year. ! Today it sits in all its splendor in its original factory sealed and pharmacist stamped box. I have been here over 24 hours and have not touched that box. Amazing! It's never happened before.

Like, this is cool. This is awesome. It was a little bit stressful, I have to admit. It took a little planning to make this work, but here I am breathing easy on day #2 of hunting camp.

Note: I wrote the above more than three weeks ago, and I still have not used that Ventolin. This might be a new record for me.

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