Chapter 1: In urgent care

I’m writing this late at night while I sit in the waiting room of my closest Urgent Care.

I’ve been a little worried about all the news stories about The Flu, also known as Influenza. Stories about perfectly healthy people who get sick one day and die the next. Whaaaaat?!

The Hubster has been sick with a high fever, chills, cough, runny nose - all the nasty things you hear about with the flu. So, when I started feeling the same symptoms I knew I better visit Urgent Care - fast! This was NOT something that could wait until morning.

The Hubster's doesn't have asthma, but I do (and our 3 adult children do too). So any cold or flu is MUCH worse on our lungs than “normal people’s” lungs.

I’m in for a rough ride! It’s only been a few hours since my symptoms started, and my lungs are already on fire. I started out with a scratchy throat at lunch and my lungs started to hurt. Since I was sick last week, I thought there was NO way I could be getting sick again. I used my inhaler and headed home. As the night wore on, it started to feel like my lungs were on fire. So I used my nebulizer since they hurt so much and felt tight.

For me, I use my nebulizer when I'm sick or have a really bad asthma attack. My lungs feel so tight, that I can't breathe in enough to use an inhaler. It's really up to each person to decide which is better - an albuterol inhaler or a nebulizer treatment.

So, now I wait to be seen in the Urgent Care. I'm worried because my lungs don’t usually hit the “on fire” stage until day 3 or 4. I got there in 8 hours today.

I better fasten my seat belt and put my tray in its upright position, because it’s going to be a bumpy flight!

Why the urgency? I’m hoping to get on an anti viral tonight and avoid the nasty complications - like pneumonia (or death.) Since Middle Son was in ICU twice as a child and came close to dying, I know that death is a possibility for some people. And after all the news stories of other people dying, I'm pretty nervous!

Since I had bronchitis last month, I had a course of oral steroids.  That means my immune system was impaired and it would be easy for me to get sick again.

And here I am, sick again - and in Urgent Care.

Chapter 2: Pneumonia?

And now I’m at the 24-hour pharmacy. Good thing I went to Urgent Care. The Doc said he could already hear pneumonia starting in my lungs - 8 hours after I started with a little tickle in my throat. Woah! I had a flu shot this year, so I am hoping that will give me some protection.

I’m waiting to get an anti-viral, an antibiotic (take that you nasty pneumonia!) and another oral steroid. I'm am SO glad that I listened to my body and came to Urgent Care.

When I left the house, The Hubster was surprised to see me put my shoes on and asked where I was going. I told him Urgent Care. He said, " Are you sure you need to go?"

I told him, "Oh yeah, something is really wrong."

Trust your instinct. If you feel like something is wrong and you need to go to Urgent Care - GO!!! You know your body and when something is wrong.

Anyone else having "fun" at Urgent Care? Or "fun" with the flu?

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