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"Thanks, It Has Pockets [For My Inhaler]!"

Last updated: October 2019

In 2014, I took “the longest ride to the airport ever," jumping in the car to drive to Minneapolis and flying from Minneapolis to San Francisco to go to Stanford Medicine X. We had to stop in Minneapolis because we were dropping off my not-so-little cousin Dean at the University of Minnesota to start engineering school. There’s a bit of backstory here so hang tight, I do get to the relevant part.

Where it all began

About a year later, we learned he met a girl. It’s perhaps important to understand that growing up, Dean was almost more like a brother I didn’t have to live with, so I am quite attached to him. I liked the girl he met, Jackie, from the first time I met her (also I’m pretty sure the second time I met her, we went thrift store shopping and to the Herbivorous Butcher without Dean, so yeah, we clicked).

Fast forward to July 2018. Because they’re both engineers/nerds, Dean proposed to her by a bridge on their third anniversary (turns out they dated awhile before telling any of us). She said yes. Then the ring didn’t fit so he proposed to her again at a restaurant called El Tequila. Important detail. Then the ring didn’t fit again, so on a Thanksgiving trip to Winnipeg, a bunch of us walked to a bridge at the Forks. The third time was the charm: not only did the ring fit, but Dean pre-warned all of us who were not Jackie and I got pictures. (Turns out Jackie nor myself put these on Instagram. Oops.)

Between two of three engagements on a long-weekend trip to Winnipeg, Jackie asked if I would be a bridesmaid.

Of course, the only answer was yes!

I don’t do fancy

Of course, if you know me, you know I don’t do “fancy”—so I was half happy to be told what to wear and half reluctant to be required to wear a dress. Needless to say, the thrill of being alongside Dean and Jackie on their big day—and of not having to find a wedding outfit—of course won out!

Because I don’t do fancy, this whole world was foreign to me. Jackie took a reluctant me out looking at bridesmaid dresses around Christmas when she and Dean came to visit. I tried some on and we got a general idea of what I’d likely order. I scrolled the options on Azazie (a custom dress website used very often by wedding parties), sorting by color--dusty sage--and fabric—chiffon.

Then I found another filter that became the next most important to me.


I am a fan of pockets

I have written previously about pockets. Firstly, with asthma, I need a place for an inhaler. Additionally, being a tech-addicted millennial I want a place for my phone, and for a wedding, obviously, I need Kleenex—if not me for someone else (AKA fellow bridesmaid Teresa, Jackie’s cousin). I was planning on having my dress altered to have pockets added. So to learn there was a whole selection of bridesmaid dresses with pockets already there, well, A+, Azazie!

I didn’t even use all the random clutches I’d purchased. During photos, I just threw my pocket junk on the ground. I bestowed my purse upon my mom at the wedding and threw it in a corner at the reception. Plus Jackie’s phone ended up in my dress pocket for a while, as well, when we found it laying around at the brewery when we went to get flowers.

POCKETS FOR THE WIN. While the requirement was asthma reasons, they were useful for much, much more. (Including also my transit pass because Jackie would be a transportation engineer and arrange a #TransitOrientedWedding. Yes, I would be the main person on the hashtag because, as Jackie once said regarding photos of their cake-cutting-cake imported from Winnipeg’s famous Jeanne’s Bakery, “Best time to have a blogger in the family!”)

An inhaler pocket makes asthma logistics easier

There’s enough going on during a wedding that it was nice for me to not have to worry much about the asthma aspect of my life by the simple inclusion of pockets in my dress. I took a quick nebulizer treatment in the morning to ensure my lungs were primed (and to try out my new Flyp nebulizer), and other than the whereabouts of my inhaler that was the last I thought about it all day—just how it should be.

Then I could occupy my mind with more standard bridesmaid things, like being where I needed to, making sure there was Kleenex at the ready, and passing my flowers off to groomsman Brant as we walked to the reception venue as I tried to unlock a sadly-reserved Lime scooter en route.

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