Inhalers Gone Rogue!

Inhalers Gone Rogue!

As I went for a walk on Halloween (to go buy glow sticks for inside my pumpkin, of course), I reflexively reached down to my hoodie pocket under my jacket—there’s snow on my deck, y’all—to feel the tell-tale hard mass of my inhaler in my pocket.

Inhaler losing culprits

I don’t know how many times a day I reach down to my pocket to confirm my inhaler is still there. There’s this problem with women’s jeans called:

  1. FAKE POCKETS (not to be confused with fake news—fake pockets are actually fake), or
  2. Teeny tiny pockets

Two of the pairs of jeans I wear most often are of the fake pocket variety, meaning I have to come up with other solutions for carrying my inhaler. Sometimes, like this day, it’s my hoodie pocket. Which is not the securest of pockets as I am sure you know.

Losing my inhaler

Usually, my inhaler is right where I expect it to be, but on occasion, they go rogue on me. The lost inhaler is typically different than the plain old forgotten inhaler. The first time I lost my inhaler was in high school. At that point in time, I was not yet a seasoned asthmatic and I only had one rescue inhaler at a time. Well, once I realized I’d lost my inhaler, I had to make a series of phone calls to get a new prescription sent to the pharmacy—such a hassle, and during the school day at that!

The next day, I got called down to the office as my inhaler had been found, I think in the library or something. This is also why you should keep those pharmacy labels on your inhaler; depending on where you lose it, it’s got a small chance to make its way back to you!

Another near-loss

I remember another occasion where I had a near-loss. I was about to board a plane to Florida, and dropped my inhaler in the airport—this is back in the earlier days as well, about 2010. Of course, I always have backups with me when I travel, and I did end up recovering the dropped inhaler, but man, that could’ve easily been gone on like The Mummy ride at Universal Studios or something. Now when I travel, I keep my inhaler in a tallygear tote, alongside my passport, wallet(s) and other small items. It’s got a zipper and it’s attached around my waist, so it’s not going anywhere! Lesson learned!

I’m sure there are other inhalers that have been lost for good somewhere, but those are the two that I remember. On my walk today, I became curious: I wonder how many inhalers get permanently lost every year? With backups at hand (and because I don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for every inhaler!) it’s not as bad as it could be, but, I wonder what does happen to all those inhalers that become lost for good?

Have you ever lost an inhaler? Did it find its way back to you, or was it lost forever? Share your story in the comments!

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