Faxing My Doctors Office—Again.

Remember that time two years ago when I faxed my doctor’s office because it was the 80s, and as such, we have no better technological means for efficient textual communications?

Well, gather ‘round, friends, as I am back with more tales to tell from the Land of the Facsimile!

Famous last words

“Just call when you need a prescription and I’ll send one.” said Dr. Smartypants as I left her office with 56 puffs of Spiriva also known as 28 days but actually less, due to the couple times I actuated the inhaler onto my hand by accident.
Just call. Yeah, right. Famous last words. You know what happened when I last had to “just call” the outpatient respiratory clinic? I had to leave a message and it took 3 weeks for them to call me back to rebook an appointment I forgot to go to and instead went to the zoo.
I figured I would be trying to chase down this prescription by phone for more days than I have medicine left. And then, I had the classic Aha Moment.

Faxing my doctors office—again

Again, I felt ridiculous as I opened Microsoft Word and had to search for a Fax template. It’s 2018—almost 2019! It’s not like we are pre-Y2K or anything here. I drafted a quick fax with the comments reading:

Dr. [Smartypants] provided samples of Spiriva Respimat at my last clinic appointment and said to call for a prescription to be sent to my pharmacy [pharmacy name].
Please provide this request to have her process the prescription for me as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please phone me at [cell number].
Thank you,
—Kerri MacKay

I uploaded the document to good ol’ HelloFax.com, and sent it off at 11:51 am, curious as to how efficient this blast-to-the-past communication method would fare at this clinic.

At 2:32 pm my cell phone rang, and, I’ll be! It was my doctor’s office! I did have to re-explain to the woman calling that, no I could not just have the pharmacy fax them because I do not have the prescription on file, and that they at the doctor’s office needed to send it in. I have done that pharmacy run around game before! But sure enough, however, this entirely backwards system of me faxing my doctors office now has a 2 for 2 success rate, and has thus far proven to be far more efficient than making phone calls.

This is the third, perhaps fourth, time in my life I have had to send a fax. And, as I lamented in my first post on the subject, it would be far too efficient if I could just send a nice, normal e-mail like other people can. But no, instead, I the patient have to resort to the fax-machine-less facsimile to have some semblance of efficiency.

Well, it’s better than having to go all the way there—and with a two-and-a-half hour response time, that’s pretty impressive in the world of medical communications!

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