Laughing at Asthma

In February, Dia and I traveled to Montreal to see Michelle Obama speak. (Why yes, it was amazing, with a bonus side of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at that!) While in la belle province also known as Quebec, we were able to grab pizza with my friend Lynne, a fellow asthmatic who I first connected with back in January 2015 via Asthma Canada. Lynne and I had shared in many Facebook conversations, but this was our first time meeting in person, which is always fun.

Finding the vibe

Even though I write about asthma all the time online, I don't talk about it much in my "real life". Let's be honest, there are better things to talk about much of the time. However, while I like to hear non-asthma things about my friends, it can be really good to be able to chat about asthma stuff from time to time.

Dia and I arrived at the pizza place in Montreal, grabbed our hungry selves some pizza after our delayed flight (and my connection) from Toronto. Lynne joined us shortly after, grabbing a coffee. A thing I love about moving online friendships offline is how natural they feel. It doesn't feel like your first time meeting, especially when you have such an "epic" connector as asthma.

Here's the thing though. While we partially whined about the inadequacies of the Canadian healthcare system (yes, Americans, they exist; yes, they are plentiful), we also laughed, a lot. I don't even remember what about, but I do know we had a darn good time.

Most of it is probably only funny if you were there, but Lynne recalled a moment where she mentioned having to go to the ER in Panama, and Dia going "Did you have students with you?!" and for some reason this was hysterical. Or, generally laughing about being messed up on prednisone. Because, often after the fact, let's be honest, it still sucks but is kind of funny knowing you've cried at every ridiculous thing because of the evil candy.

And it's times like these that remind me: it is only because of asthma that we all know each other. So, thanks again, stupid incurable disease. Thanks for so many awesome and fun moments, mixed in with all the crap ones.

Unlikely inspirations from the pizza place...

I have to thank Lynne for inspiring me to write this post: I posted less than an hour ago on Instagram that I had two more posts to write to hit my goal and was feeling a tad uninspired. She rapidly messaged me on Facebook, and said "You should write about being able to laugh about crazy asthma situations […] Meeting asthma friends and being able to laugh about it asthma instead of being dramatic."
Lynne has summed it up PERFECTLY. Whether it's a bizarre situation like hitting yourself in the head with an inhaler (did it), a weird pharmacy experience, or a strange clinic appointment, you have to be able to laugh at asthma.

To modify a quote from a friend… "What good is an incurable disease if you can't laugh at it once in awhile?"
Yes, asthma is serious, it's life changing, and it can be life-threatening… but it doesn't all have to be bad. And yes, it's okay to laugh at it-and I recommend doing so as often as possible, because let's be honest, it's probably better for our mental health that way.

What funny asthma moments have you had? Share them in the comments!

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