Life in The Fast Lane.

Life in The Fast Lane

We live in a day and age where we are very busy. It seems from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed we are on the go. Of course, we are all different and in different stages in our lives but can all relate to each other at least on some level.

I have three children ages ten down to four who definitely keep me on my toes and you can say mornings can be quite hectic! Between getting them ready for school and getting myself ready for my work day at the hospital the morning tends to fly by incredibly fast. There have been times where I have gotten to work and had the sudden realization that I had forgotten to take my daily morning medication. Then comes the feelings of guilt and worry. All of the “what if’s” that cross my mind. It’s not often by any means that this happens and I always have my rescue inhaler with me. It was in my hurry that I just simply forgot in my rush. Regardless of my morning routine and how many times I go through the same things day after day, sometimes we are in such a hurry that even our daily tasks can fall through the cracks.

Taking the time to care for ourselves

As asthmatics, we need to be extra diligent when it comes to slowing down and taking the time to care for ourselves. If you find that you are consistently forgetting to take your meds in the morning or forgetting to track your peak flows etc, put a sticky note on your mirror or in a place where you will see it to remind yourself. Or even set a timer on your phone.

Being constantly on the go and busy can come with another set of very real challenges, ones that we might not think of. If we are in a hurry we might not realize we could be exposed to asthma triggers. Chances are that if we were taking our time and were cautious we would have noticed them right away and taken precautions and/or avoided them altogether, but when rushing around they could, unfortunately, easily be missed.

One instance that comes to my mind was this past fall my family came to town to visit and we were so excited to attend a local fall apple festival here in town. We are still new to the midwest so we really didn’t know what to expect at these types of festivals. The moment we entered the venue my heart absolutely sank. There were wood fires and grills and smoke EVERYWHERE. An asthmatics worst nightmare! But then I remembered I had my face mask in my purse and quickly put it on. I used my rescue inhaler as directed by my asthma action plan and kept to the outskirts of the venue and stayed as far away from the smoke as I could while still having a great time with my family. I’m very thankful that I had my mask and inhaler with me because had I not had it, it could have been a recipe for disaster. In my excitement, I hadn’t thought to look ahead and better research the festival and you can bet it is something I won’t forget from now on! Just another reminder to slow down and really take the time to think of all of the “what if’s” that might come up when it comes to our health and our breathing. Life seems to move at lightning speed and taking time to stop and take a literal breather is so important. Your lungs will thank you.

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