Living Normally Despite Asthma

Asthma does not stop me from living a normal life. The ability to live normally, to me, defines good asthma control better than any number does. Are you satisfied with the quality of your life? Are you able to do most of the things you want to do? The answers to both are yes. I live a normal life despite asthma.

What I’m able to do

What do normal people do? They do things they want. They do what they enjoy.

I enjoy collecting baseball cards. So I collect baseball cards. But, I have to limit my time, as cards have dust mites on them. When my chest starts to feel tight, it’s time to wrap it up for the day.

I enjoy spending time with my kids. So, I spend time with my kids. My son likes to play video games. So, I play video games with him, if I want. My daughter likes to play board games. So, we play board games. They both like to ride bikes. They both like to spend time at the beach. So, we do it if we want.

I enjoy hanging out with the guys at our family cabin. I have to be careful here because cabins are full of asthma triggers. There’s cigarette smoke. There’s dust mites and mold spores. So, I can go there, but I have to premedicate. I usually go when it’s warm and use the back of my minivan as a camper. I am careful. I am often leery, but I go and I have fun when there.

I like to drink beer. Now, beer dries your lungs out. Beer actually has asthma triggers in it. This usually doesn’t bother me too much. But, if I drink too much, sometimes my asthma acts up the next day. But, I enjoy drinking beer so I do. Well, within limits. I mean, well, you know the guidelines for drinking beer. I won’t go there.

I like to read and write. So I read and write. These are easy to do when you have asthma. Actually, it’s possible I started doing this because of my asthma. When I was a kid I tried to live normally. But, I had to stay home a lot. Dad took my brothers to the cabin, I stayed home. Dad took my brothers to the woods to cut wood and stack it. I stayed in my room. I tried to stay industrious, so I read and wrote. But I enjoy it. This is normal for me.

So, asthma doesn’t stop me from doing what I enjoy. I do have to be careful. I do have to plan. But, I usually do all the things I want to do in this life. It wouldn’t be fun if wouldn’t be normal, any other way.

So, how did this happen?

It’s a testament to getting the word out about asthma. It’s a testament to asthma awareness. People with it championed for the cause. Doctors of asthmatics chamioned for the cause. Moms and dads of asthmatic kids championed for the cause. And now the word got out.

This resulted in more dollars for research. This resulted in more research. This lead to better wisdom of our disease. And this lead to better medicines. It lead to asthma guidelines. This lead to better educated doctors. And this lead to better asthma control for asthmatics. And it’s this good asthma control that allows asthmatics like me to live normally despite asthma.

I live normally despite asthma. What about you?

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