Medication Organization... Or Organized Chaos!

At one point, I discovered I could get 3 months of asthma medications at once. Initially, I was excited about less trips to the pharmacy. Then, though, my excitement waned—I had to store everything somewhere. Organization is not one of my stronger suits—a fact that is evident with a glance into my bedroom!

Organizing my medication

Aside from a lot of technology and adopting the use of Bullet Journaling in March, the only thing I do organize sort of well is my medications. Several years ago, I tried out a basket to help keep my medications a bit more contained to one area. I am aware that you’re not supposed to keep most medications in the bathroom, but that’s where mine live.

I'm all about the "in sight, in mind" philosophy, to help with the “connecting meds to other daily activities” method of remembering my meds! I take my meds before I brush my teeth, so, this technique mostly works! I’ll take my meds in the morning, eat, and 65% of the time I’ll return to brush my teeth. (Based on the last 37 days of data—in contrast, my evening record is 100%!) Given that I work primarily from home writing, the visual cue is helpful in a place I’ll be a handful of times a day!

Well, until my basket gets full of other random stuff and my inhalers end up strewn about the counter. Then—eventually, usually prompted by my mom who knows I am not actually bothered by this—I reorganize. Today was one of those days. Honestly, most of the inhalers and pill containers were already absent from the basket. I cleared the rest of its contents out, and wiped the basket down with a fragrance-free WetOne.

Starting fresh

I think I picked up this basket at the dollar store at some point when I retired a boring grey one. Much more fun—bringing the fun where I can is important to me. Colours are important to me!


I sorted out all the things that did not need to return to the basket. (I think some did return to the basket. Like a Starbucks card that probably has $0.42 on it…). I then put my meds back in, in an organized way. Essentially, not how things were thrown in there this morning when the basket didn’t actually contain most of my inhalers.


Okay, I said that colours are important to me. You’ll see the inhaler that I put stickers on in December when a friend had a birthday party at the Olive Garden and requested kids colouring packages for all of us… Another current inhaler is covered in blue duct tape with penguins on it. Past inhalers have included blue, white, black and green checks, pink with green, orange and yellow flowers, and so on…

Quantity moderation and space-saving

Now, I predict that this will look this way for about six days ;)… In the organization process, I weeded out a lot of stuff. A few old inhalers, empty medication boxes, an empty pill bottle, and a two year old, expired bottle of steroid nasal spray (funny enough, I just got a new bottle after my asthma doc and I agreed it was worth experimenting with given my slightly-to-very annoying asthma) did not make the cut.

Neither did the massive quantity of sales receipts, only two of which were actually from the pharmacy! (APPARENTLY I use my meds box to hold receipts that I need to save for reimbursement? Actually ridiculous!) The two boxes currently in there are there intentionally, so I can easily find the refill information—I wasn’t about to sort through all of the “official pharmacy receipts” today. After this photo, I slid those all in behind the box in the lower right corner of the photo.

While I mentioned I no longer get the 3 month supply from the pharmacy, I almost always have extra meds around, for when my organizational abilities to call the pharmacy for a refill fail me! In the Winter, I have a shelf in my bedroom for my extra stuff and my nebulizer… well, when I can find the surface area, anyways! In the summer, my extra meds are more intentionally stored within a pencil case—this is the same as my stash of “backup” travel meds—and are shuttled back and forth from the cabin on a nearly weekly basis from May through September.

How do you store your medication? Is it organized, or more like organized chaos?

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