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a woman laughing rolling her eyes at a meme she relates to

Asthma Memes

Asthma is one of those conditions that many people think they understand. They may think of a kid on the playground using their inhaler in the middle of a game of kickball. Maybe they think of the nerdy archetype - someone with glasses that are taped together and a pocket-protector in their button-up shirt pocket. The reality is that asthma doesn't discriminate; no specific type of person gets it.

Similarly, if someone does not have asthma, they probably have some misconceptions that just make us roll our eyes. We compiled some of these common asthma misunderstandings into a selection of memes. After all, sometimes all you can really do is laugh, right?

Asthma memes

No, it is not contagious

Meme with man doing a facepalm in reaction to the question, Is it contagious?

You know the feeling. You are at a family gathering or hanging out with friends, and you unleash your asthma cough. Of course, asthma isn't contagious - but that doesn't keep someone from saying, "Woah! What is that? Are you contagious?" Maybe you respond with a "No, it's my asthma," or perhaps, "I just cough a lot." Either way, getting that question all the time certainly gets old.

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Just breathe? I wish I could!

Meme with woman looking annoyed when told 'just breathe.'

Ugh, the dreaded "just breathe." If I could just breathe, don't you think I would? While we know this phrase comes from a well-meaning place - perhaps a friend who wants to help - it can still feel a bit tone-deaf. What phrases would be more helpful for you to hear?

Coughing all night

Meme with woman yawning and thinking about coughing at night, when someone else states they're tired.

When you are up coughing for half the night, any mention of the word "tired" can really drag you down. Not only does nocturnal asthma make it hard to breathe, but it can also disrupt our sleep! Do you have any tips for those whose asthma keeps them from getting a full 8 hours of shut-eye?

No essential oils for me, thanks

Meme with a woman rolling her eyes when someone suggests that essential oils will help.

For many people with asthma, essential oils are not helpful - and they can even be downright dangerous! Whether a smell comes from a natural source or not, any strong smells can be nasty triggers. Of course, some people like essential oils, and that's okay! However, essential oils certainly are not a miracle cure for asthma.

What are your favorite asthma memes?

Have you ever seen a relatable asthma meme? Have you ever made your own memes? We would love to see which asthma memes have resonated with you. Share one in the comments below!

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