Moving, meals and food allergies.

Moving, Meals, and Food Allergies

Last updated: April 2020

This has been quite the month with moving everything from our old home to another home.

My focus has been on unloading boxes, assembling beds, and arranging couches so we can collapse on them after a long day of unpacking boxes (just where is the box with the toilet paper...?)

I wasn't thinking about food

Meals were the last thing we wanted to worry about. Usually, I make a home-cooked meal every night when I get home from work. But I couldn’t find the box with the pots and pans. And I was exhausted!

Luckily, we had friends and neighbors who brought meals in for us. I was so grateful! But I did have to remind them that we have food allergies. I'm allergic to all seafood (not just shellfish), and my middle son is allergic to tree nuts).

No matter where I am, I always have to be careful

My daughter let me know that my oldest son got a shrimp taco with his lunch order at a fast food place. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to eat it, so my husband warmed up the taco in the microwave and ate it instead.

And now the microwave is contaminated.

And I’m too exhausted to disinfect it, which means I get a cold sandwich for lunch.

My oldest son realized what had happened, and cleaned out the microwave. Then I told my husband what he had done, and he pulled out the cleaning supplies. I told him he was off the hook, because my oldest son had already disinfected it.

Communicating about food allergies

Our new neighbors invited us over for dinner (I'm so grateful for their kindness), and they asked if we had any food preferences. We said no, but I am allergic to all seafood and my middle son is allergic to tree nuts.

So, we had a delicious dinner but since my middle son didn’t join us, I wasn’t worried about the almonds on the salad. The neighbor sent us home with the leftovers (phew! I didn’t have to cook the next night!). Minutes later, she came running over and was in a panic because the salad had almonds.

I assured her it was okay because my middle son doesn’t eat salad. I thanked her for remembering and watching out for us anyway!

Fast forward to the following week, when another neighbor knocked on the door with a warm plate of gooey desserts. She proudly told me that our new neighbors had already warned them that we couldn’t have tree nuts, and that the dessert was nut-free.

So, two extremes in one week. My husband forgetting that he couldn’t warm up seafood in the microwave, and a neighbor who we had never met, who found out that my middle son couldn’t have tree nuts - and made sure the dessert was nut-free.

My middle son and I both carry Epi-Pens, but we would rather not use them.

Tell people about your food allergies!

Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA) says that:

"People with asthma often have allergies as well. This puts them at higher risk of developing anaphylaxis, which also can cause breathing problems. For that reason, it is important to manage your asthma well."

Moral of this story? Please let people know (and remind those you have already told) that you have food allergies.

Your life may depend on it.

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