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My Top 3 Asthma Triggers

What are your worst asthma triggers? For me, this has changed over the years. As it stands right now, these are my 3 worst asthma triggers.

Respiratory viruses

It was a toss-up for the #1 spot between viruses and dust mites. I am placing viruses here because I am more likely to catch a virus than a dust mite. This is mainly because I have learned to control my exposure to dust mites. Respiratory viruses are a bit harder to avoid. They are known to cause some of the most severe asthma attacks for me. Sometimes I catch a cold and it is just annoying like they are for most folks, but, usually once or twice a year I catch a cold and it makes its way into my airways. It triggers an asthma flare-up. Usually, this results in me needing a burst of steroids. And usually, I have to take a few days off work until I feel better.

Dust mites

For most of my life, dust mites were in the top spot, and they still play a significant role in my life. When I am exposed to them they cause sniffles and sneezes. Then my chest gets tight and my breathing gets short, and then I start to feel panicky. Usually, this happens when I am sifting through old boxes of collectibles or baseball cards. It even happens at times when I am looking through antique books. Several years ago I made sure to put collectibles in airtight containers. I put all of my favorite baseball cards in baseball card sleeves and top-loaders. These are made of plastic and help keep any dust mites on them from getting into the air. I do sometimes sift through boxes of collectibles from my past. And sometimes I do this at yard sales. Although, I have learned to limit my time doing this to five or ten minutes. These actions have greatly reduced the impact dust mites have on my asthma and my life. And that is why I lowered them to the #2 spot. I am currently undergoing allergy shots. So, perhaps when I redo these rankings in another five years dust mites will slip off this list entirely.

Mold spores

These buggers cause the most severe asthma attacks. When I inhale them, it seems that they grip my airways and squeeze the air from them. It is because of these guys that I do not let any furniture into my house that is not thoroughly inspected. A few years ago I brought an old recliner into my house. It was very comfortable, but then my lungs were set off into a fit of rage worse than that which happens when I am exposed to a virus. At first, I thought the culprit was a respiratory virus. But, then I discovered the mold on that old recliner. So I got rid of the recliner ending my exposure to the mold. Still, the asthma attack it caused, landed me in the ER for asthma for the first time in 20 years. And that experience alone gets mold spores this landing spot on my list. If these rankings were based on the severity of attacks, mold would earn the top spot.

My top asthma triggers have changed

My asthma has greatly improved. In the past, I could have made this list much longer. I could have added things like laughter, stress, and strong smells. I could have added pollen, which has historically made springtime unbearable for me. I could have added animal dander, which made it hard visiting anyone with pets. Thankfully, modern medicine has helped me to pretty much eliminate all of these triggers. And that is a good thing.

So, what about you? What are your top 3 asthma triggers? Please let us know in the comments below.

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