On Medicinal... Doritos?!

A couple days after returning from Zurich in November, the sinus congestion set in. I thought I might be getting sick, or that the dry air on the plane for 9(+1+2.5) hours just didn’t help. I started up using saline again, and my nasal steroid that I have a very noncommittal relationship with. I also tried to kickstart things with an antihistamine, and then an antihistamine + decongestant. They barely helped. My lungs felt, more or less, fine, so it made the possibility I was getting a cold seem a bit more distant. But rhinitis, yes, it could be.

With a little help from my friends...

Like any good Citizen of the Internet, I turned to my friends Dia and Kat by iMessage for advice*. (*Important note: My symptoms were very minor, and I do not recommend turning to your internet friends, nor Dr. Google—which I did—for advice. It is usually not a good idea but given the internet ALWAYS says you have acute sinusitis, well, I figured I may just actually have acute sinusitis so it was worth a check. Just to see if my expectations would be met.)
With Kat being far more atopic than I, I figured, could have some useful allergy type advice for me.

Me on November 27: *complaining*
Kat on November 27: Have you tried hot peppers and/or sudaphed?

Me on November 28:

 [The pneumonia vaccine] is on my list for asthma clinic in two weeks. That and Singulair for my sinuses is on my list for asthma clinic in two weeks.
Kat on November 28: I’m telling you

Going for the spice…ish.

Two more days of little help from multiple daily pump saline (on a sensory level I can’t exactly handle the full spray or pour methods), and nasal steroids passed. It is now November 30th. I don’t exactly do spicy, aside from one thing...

I text the following to Kat and Dia.
Me on November 30th:


I purchased some decongestant. It seems to be working well so far 😂

In a matter of moments following consuming a bunch of these chips, allowing the spice to build up without washing it away with raspberry lemonade, or later, milk, and utilizing a couple Kleenexes, my sinuses had returned to their typical mild level of rhinitis-related congestion. Dude, that was far easier and more delicious than waiting for all those nasal sprays to work when they probably couldn’t even settle properly in my stuffy nose to begin with.

So, pro-tip from Kat here: if you want your sinus congestion to resolve rapidly, eat some Doritos. Okay, fine, she didn’t say that. I said that—eat some Sweet Chilli Heat Doritos. Or, in her words…

After it worked, I gleefully reported to my mom that I had purchased “medicinal Doritos” today. Because, dude, way better than actual medicine.

What are your favourite non-medicinal health hacks for resolving minor symptoms?

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