Packing for a trip responsibly.

Packing for a trip responsibly

I was recently getting ready for what my friends and I have taken to calling knitcation. I spend a good number of my time off from work going to fiber festivals or retreats. This time the destination was to Rochester, MN for the Zombie Knitpocalypse. I tossed all my knitting projects, clothes, and toiletries in a big pile. I also grabbed the packing cube where I toss all my medications when I travel.

Packing asthma supplies for travel

For most of my life I've hit the road with big zip top plastic bag of medications. That was certainly a workable utilitarian solution. However, after a trip or two I would usually find a hole or two in the bag from being packed and unpacked. Long ago I went the route of flattening down inhaler and Epipen boxes. This could get me in trouble with someone being extremely strict about packing medications in their original containers. I bring all the boxes that go with my meds; it is just much more compact to have them collapsed down flat. For me a medium sized zippered packing cube is just the right size for several inhalers, a spare set of Epipens, a few bottles of pills, a nasal spray, and any other assorted medications I might need. I really like that my packing cube has a little handle on it. This comes in handy if I need to gate check my bag or otherwise quickly reconfigure where things are packed. I find it much easier to distinguish the fabric and handle of the packing cube than hope I'm grabbing the right plastic bag. I add my controller to the go-case when I travel. This means on vacation I always have a controller inhaler, a rescue inhaler, a spacer, and a pair of epipens on me.

Back to the packing cube sitting in front of me as I prepare for my flight to Minnesota. I look through its contents from my last trip, to the Health Union Connexion in Philadelphia. I often leave spare inhalers and Epipens in here until I need to rotate out the ones in the case that goes everywhere with me. Sitting in the cube are: a spare controller inhaler, 2 Epipen boxes, 2 controller boxes, a bottle of each of my daily meds, several blister packs of chew-able benadryl, 2 spare rescue inhalers, and a spare pair of Epipens. Perfect! Or so I'd think had I not taken a closer look, I remembered that I had to order my Epipen refill while I was at the conference in Philadelphia. Sure enough, I check the expiration, March 2017.  I retrieved their replacements from my medications stash. Thankfully, the rest of the medications I had sitting in front of me were unexpired and had enough doses left. Lesson learned, I need to check expiration in addition to making sure I have all the medications. I am usually pretty good about rotating stock and checking expiration when I'm at home. In case you're curious I didn't go for gelato this trip. I did remember my medications when I went on a quest for chocolate.  

How do you like to pack your medications?

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