Relationships and Asthma Management.

Relationships and Asthma Management

There are many aspects of our personal relationships that asthma can find a way to interfere with regardless of what steps we take to try to keep it out. Things such as getting winded, medication tracking & using, and even medication side effects can affect the dynamics of a relationship between somebody with asthma and somebody who does not have asthma.

Getting Winded

When asthma flares up or is not completely controlled, the individual can definitely find themselves getting winded easier than individuals without asthma. This can affect a relationship dynamic in several aspects. Doing simple things like trying to maintain a clean house, which is important for those with asthma, can cause the individual to get winded as they try to clean the home. If the couple is an active couple, the one with asthma can find themselves winded by exercising and trying to maintain being physically fit. They may find themselves struggling to keep up with their partner on hikes or other outdoor activities. This always may stretch as far as them being able to be able to work out and stay in an extreme athletic shape. On a more intimate level, the physical activity involved in the intimate aspects of the relationship such as sex could result in shortness of breath and cause the individual with asthma to need to grab their inhaler in the middle of such an intimate moment. That can most definitely throw off the moment for the couple.

Medication Use & Tracking

A rescue inhaler is definitely an important tool for any asthmatic and they generally need to have them close by regardless of where they are located. I personally have one in my purse, one by the couch, one in the bathroom cabinet, etc. I do this because you never know when you will need it and there is nothing worse than being unable to breathe and having to run around the house looking for a rescue inhaler. Another medication that I have set up on a side table in my house is the nebulizer with the albuterol liquid which I am supposed to use multiple times a day. Occasionally I can be a little defiant and my husband reminds me to go sit and do the breathing treatment. The breathing treatment does not hurt or anything along those lines, it simply takes even more of my time up and can occasionally annoy me when I feel like there are other more productive things I could be doing for that 15 minutes or so. Another aspect of dealing with medications is being able to keep up with your prescriptions. Some pharmacies are very good about placing prescriptions on auto refills, so you do not have to be concerned about forgetting to refill a medication last minute. This can definitely take some of the stress off both partners involved.

Medication Side Effects

Both of the previously mentioned medications can have side effects. The albuterol that is typically found in these medications can make an individual’s heart race and make them feel jittery. This can result in making their hands shaky and making them feel nervous or anxious. While it does not seem like a major issue to most, but unfortunately some individuals can interpret those symptoms in a negative connotation such as that the original person is trying to hide something.

Asthma can affect our lives in many ways, both positive and negative. We have to put the effort into managing our asthma so that it does not have a negative impact on our relationships with other people, especially our intimate relationships. There are ways to manage some of these challenging aspects such as getting winded, managing medication uses and tracking medications and the medication side effect.

Have your asthma symptoms ever gotten in the way of a personal relations? How did you manage to get through?

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