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Spring Is Here, What Can You Do to Help Allergies?

Last updated: March 2021

For those of you who are miserable with seasonal allergies, I am right there with you. (As are my three college-aged kids.) We are among the 50 million Americans who have allergies.

Some people have said, what's the big deal? It's just allergies.

Yeah. "Just allergies." It's like having a cold that lasts for 7 months, that's all. With allergies, we have the same symptoms as someone with a cold (sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and nose.) But our symptoms don't last a week like a cold does. Seasonal allergies start in spring, go through summer, and into fall. So it's NOT like a cold.

So, allergy season is here, what can we do?

Asthma Doc has taught us a few hacks over the last 19 years.

Allergy medicine

The trick here is to start on allergy medicine BEFORE allergy season starts so the medicine can build up in your body. You can take a pill or nose spray, whatever is best for you. Ask your doctor.

Keep pollen outside

Keep the windows closed in your house and your car. I know the breeze is refreshing - but the breeze also brings in pollen. Remember to change the filter on the furnace/AC unit on the house. And don't forget to change the cabin filter in your car too.

Remove your shoes

Shoes track in dirt, pollen, bacteria, viruses - the list goes on. Keep a basket or shelves by the front door so you can store your shoes in when you enter your home.

Shower before bed

Asthma Doc is strict on this one. All of the college kids had allergy shots but still, struggle during allergy season. Showering before bed means changing our of pollen covered clothes and washing off pollen from their hair and skin. That makes for a better night's sleep.

Wash your sheets weekly

This goes hand in hand with showering. You exit the shower (or bath), and are nice and clean. Then you climb into clean, washed sheets (with your window closed of course to keep the pollen out. ) Hello sleep!

For all of you with seasonal allergies, what hacks have you learned over the years?

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