It's Okay to Ask For a Second Opinion

Let's get real for a minute. Not all doctors are created equal. There are some absolutely phenomenal ones out there and also some who are less than desired. And there are some who you wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Finding the right doctor

To find a doctor that is a perfect fit for you and your specific needs can take a really long time. The vast majority of people aren't lucky enough to hit the doctor jackpot on the first shot. Most people are stuck within the constraints of their insurance provider and the small list of doctors they can choose from.

In the past it would be like playing a game of roulette to find a doctor. Nowadays, in the Internet age, there are several websites where people can leave reviews for doctors the have seen. What's important to remember is that different people will mesh well with different personality types.

It's normal to want a second opinion

With all of that said, getting a diagnosis of asthma (or any other medical issue as well) can be frightening. It might come as a complete surprise. You have tons of questions and concerns. This is okay and totally normal.

If you have been given a new asthma diagnosis, or if you moved or switched insurance plans and need to start with a new doctor, you might find yourself not meshing or agreeing with your doctor. Some doctors tend to treat more aggressively than others. Some doctors adopt the "wait and see" approach while others tend to be more aggressive with treatment right off the bat.

If you are finding yourself in a situation where you aren't completely sure or on board with your doctor's recommendations, know that you have options. I understand that there can be limitations based on your individual insurance plans, but talking with your insurance provider can help better know what your options are for getting a second opinion.

Will my doctor be upset if I ask for a second opinion?

The answer might surprise you. Most doctors will welcome a second opinion. They understand that you as a patient have rights to your care. Your doctor will more than likely be able to give you a recommendation to another doctor for a second opinion.

Request copies of your medical records to take with you to the doctor who will be giving you a second opinion. Make sure to include copies of any testing you have had done, such as any lung function tests etc. This way if you have more testing done with the second opinion doctor they will have a reference to look at if needed. After you have been examined by the doctor and had any additional testing done, you might be given different options for treatment/medications or he might concur with your previous doctors diagnosis and treatment plan.

It is also important to make sure you mesh well with whatever doctor you see. Some people will feel more comfortable with a doctor who has amazing bedside manner, while others prefer a doctor who will be straight with facts. Hopefully you'll win the doctor lottery and find a doctor that has the best of both worlds. If not, ask for that second opinion.

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