No One to Help When You Are Sick? Modern Technology to the Rescue!

As I get older, I am surprised by all of the new ways you can get help when you are sick.

When my kids were little (and in the hospital 12 times for asthma) we were at the mercy of friends and neighbors. If we didn't have a meal from our wonderful friends or neighbors, or well enough to go through the drive-through, we had cereal for dinner. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But it was also hard when we ran out of milk or eggs, and my kids were too sick to take to the grocery store. It's amazing how fast you can run out of groceries, toilet paper, etc when you are home for a week at a time with a really sick kid.

But 18 years later, things are very different

Food delivering companies

You can drive by many restaurants and see them advertise companies that will pick up your prepaid food order and deliver it to you house. You don't even have to go through the drive through. (This would have been handy when my kids were discharged from the hospital on oxygen, and I didn't want to leave the house with their oxygen tank.)

Grocery store pick up or delivery

This would be helpful when you are at home sick (or with sick kids), and you are running out of chicken soup, tissues, cold medicine, orange juice, etc. You can add things to your online "grocery cart", pay for them, and set up a time to pick them up. You then drive to the store, and they will load everything into your car. Or - have them deliver your groceries to your house!

Drive through pharmacies

Another genius idea! There were so many times that we would need to stop at the pharmacy after we left the doctor's office or the emergency room. The doctor would prescribe an antibiotic, oral steroid, new asthma inhaler, or more vials of Albuterol for our nebulizer. The last thing I wanted to do is bring 3 cranky kids who are coughing and feverish into a pharmacy. But I didn't have a choice 18 years ago.

Now, you can pull up to the pharmacy, hand your prescription through the window (or the doctor's office can send it electronically), and you can wait at the drive through.

Online meal organization

My friend was just diagnosed with cancer, and we are all shocked. While she was in the ICU, her sister (who lives in another state), set up an online meal sign up. I can't do much to help, but I can bring a hot dinner for her and her family. On the website, you can see who else signs up and what they are bringing (so their family doesn't get lasagna 4 days in a row.) When you sign up to bring meals, you can also get updates when the family posts them. It makes things a little easier than having to re-tell the story to everyone who comes to visit.

I'm sure there are other things to make life easier when you or your family are sick and can't get out.

Let's hear your ideas!

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