Dreaming On Singulair

Recently, I’ve been having rather vivid dreams. I wake up and can remember them with clarity but I don’t remember many of them more than 5 minutes or so after waking up! Most are not in the least unpleasant (or if they are, I don’t remember them!). It dawned on me that I believe this happened previously when I was on Singulair. I’ve since become aware that there are many “neuropsychiatric” side effects that have been documented from this drug.1

Potential behavioral Singulair side effects

The listed side effects of a neuropsychiatric nature include agitation/aggression/hostility, trouble sleeping, bad/vivid dreams, sleepwalking, depression, anxiety, hallucinations, irritability, restlessness, tremor, and suicide or suicidal thoughts and actions. For these reasons, Singulair carries a black box warning, encouraging doctors to use caution when prescribing this drug.2

It’s important to remember that many people will not have side effects from Singulair. In fact, if these weirdo dreams are indeed linked to Singulair, this is the only side effect I’ve had from this drug. If you experience side effects from this or any other medicine, especially serious ones, speak with your doctor. They will likely find another medication for you to take.

As John notes in this update on the black box warnings associated with montelukast, you may be suggested to avoid all leukotriene receptor antagonist drugs (including Singulair and Accolate) as a precaution. I could not, unfortunately, figure out the exact reason why or how, exactly, Singulair has the potential to cause these psychological/neuropsychiatric side effects.

Weighing the options

Given my vivid dreams are in no way a troubling side effect, I don’t currently have the intention to discontinue Singulair (it is indeed the cause). However, I’ve begun to take my Singulair in the morning instead of at night. Hopefully, that helps cut back on the interruptions in the interesting phenomena of my dreams.

If you are curious, last night’s included staying at a friend’s place, in which his bedroom in his parent's house opened into a whole other house. Interestingly we drove somewhere to a party, except ended up back in his house and the party was there...? Yeah, I have no idea either! But clearly not at all troubling and rather interesting!

Each person is different

Even if the results of switching the dosing are positive, there’s no way to gauge if a n=1 “study” of myself will help others. If you have concerns or are contemplating switching your dosing time, speak with your doctor before you make any changes!

As for myself, given I have no other adverse reactions, these “weird f**king dreams” (as I described this phenomenon in my writing ideas list!) do not outweigh the benefits I feel I get from Singulair—even though I don’t necessarily need to be entertained in my sleep!

And, who knows, I may just get a good idea for a novel or something this way!

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