A family on a log ride with the dad coughing from special effects fog

Special Effect Fog Causing an Asthma Attack

Since my kids are all adults and they do not really need anything for Christmas, we decided to take a trip to make memories this year. I mean, they can only have so many sweaters and socks, right?

We had points on our credit card for a certain theme park, as well as flight credits that were going to expire. Not to mention, it was 12 degrees where we live, so off we went for a quick (and warm) trip to California!

The only drawback was that everyone else had the same idea. The theme park was VERY crowded. There were so many people there that the rides kept breaking down.

Asthma triggers at the theme park

Special effects fog

We made it all the way through the line for a boat ride and were about to board a boat in the bayou when the ride broke down. We waited about 30 minutes then finally boarded a boat. Yay! But as our boat lunged forward, we were hit with a wall of special effect fog. Ugh. I get that it was part of the swampy foggy bayou experience, but my lungs did not like it.

I tried to hold my breath until the boat went through the fog, but eventually, I had to gasp for air. Cue unhappy lungs, but I was strapped in and could not exactly pull out my backpack to fish around for an inhaler.

Strong emotions!

Before I knew it, we were at the top of a really steep drop. Curses. I forgot about that part of the ride. I HATE big drops like that. Down we went, and I screamed (sorry to the people who were behind me in the boat).

Did you know that strong emotions (like fear) can trigger an asthma attack? The fog had made my lungs cranky, and now fear was making my asthma worse.

Luckily, the ride was quick. Soon I was able to get out of the boat, find my inhaler, and take a couple of puffs. I was determined to get my asthma to behave so I could have fun with my family.

Ride vehicle exhaust

Then we went on my kids' other favorite ride, which is based on a certain fictional archeologist. We wound our way through the long line and then...the ride broke down as we were about to get into the jeep. Seriously?!

This ride did not have fog as a special effect, but it had lots of jeeps – and lots of exhaust from the jeeps. We were stuck by the loading area with all the jeeps pumping out all the exhaust. This was not a great start to our trip to "make memories." I mean, we were making memories, but not the good kind!

Luckily, the ride was only stuck for about 10 minutes. I was able to grab a mask from my bag to protect my lungs from the exhaust.

The rest of the day was uneventful – just dodging other tourists who stopped right in the middle of the walkway to post the perfect picture on Instagram.

Despite a rocky start to our special day, it turned out wonderfully, and my lungs behaved themselves.

Has anyone else had problems with special effect fog or exhaust at theme parks? Share your story with the community by clicking the button below!

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