an IKEA cube bookcase with a storage door open, showing organized asthma medication in a very messy room

The IKEA Storage Cube: Storing Medications

After years of not finding a bed frame I liked, I finally found one at IKEA. I didn’t buy it at the time, and then it got discontinued. So my mom, aunt, and I built a bed frame to fit over some IKEA storage cubes. This, of course, meant I had to buy more storage cubes than I needed. Now, I have a charging station that also holds painting supplies, and two more stacked on top of one another as a bedside table.

One of the cubes has a door (and if you Google that one, it is full of people talking about how hard it was to assemble). So literally, for months, the cube sat in its box in my office. Waiting.

Once it was finally assembled (with probably less drama than the internet alluded - I’m not sure though since I wasn’t even home!), it sat empty for many months. Until one day, I went to the pharmacy, came home with a bunch of stuff, and shoved all the pharmacy bags in the empty storage cube.

Storing asthma medications the old way

I typically get 3 months of medications at a time, which can sometimes add up to a lot of inhalers, but saves on trips to the pharmacy. Given all the boxes involved from being on 4 inhalers, a small supply of nebules, pills, nasal sprays, and so on, there can be a lot of asthma medications to store.

Generally, it just ended up in its bag--getting crammed into a cupboard with tons of other things. Having such a mess and not being able to tell which boxes actually had things in them and which were empty, I just crammed everything into the cupboard to deal with later. I mean, who wants to blank out labels when you’re on your way to bed? Not me, that’s who!

It stayed a mess until I realized that my empty IKEA cube could, you know, have a job.

Bring on the IKEA cube

The IKEA cube that I have is not huge, but it’s a good size to un-bag all my inhalers and put them in there. Well, sometimes I un-bag them. Other times I just shove the paper bag inside the cube because I’m too lazy to take them out.

Yesterday, I hunted for a new Zenhale and a new Qvar. I reached past the bags in the cube to find both of these inhalers and a good number of additional Qvars (after I had already called the pharmacy to request new ones forgetting I had them--oops).

Organizing asthma medications comes in handy

At this point, I finally pulled everything out of their bags. I sorted the new boxed inhalers by date and pulled out the oldest refills to use. My Zenhale was running on empty and I am sure my in-progress Qvar was not far behind.

Then, I shut that door--which doesn’t quite work properly. I'm happy I had most of the medications I needed right then and there, and I didn’t have to dig through 4 empty boxes to find them! Oh organization, what a concept you are to my ADHD brain…

Where do you store the asthma medications that you haven’t started using yet? Comment below!

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