Ten Tips for Asthma Friendly Holiday Season

Last updated: December 2022

Is this the your first holiday season with a special asthmatic in your inner circle? Even if this year is your fiftieth holiday season with asthma here are tips to consider.

Holiday asthma tips

  1. Clean burning Chanukah or Kwanzaa candles. Smoke is a common trigger. Sitting near smoky candles everynight will leave some asthmatics reaching for their inhaler.
  2. Video Yule log rather than burning wood in a fireplace. See the previous tip about smoke. Also, some people are triggered by various scents.
  3. Consider which type of Christmas tree is less of a trigger for the person with asthma in your life. Real vs artificial trees harbor different triggers such as dust mites, mold spores, and scents.
  4. Consider what type of gift would be most enjoyable. Use caution when selecting things like scented candles, lotions, and bath products. Some people with asthma find it delightful to receive scented products. While others may find themselves barely able to open the present without coughing or wheezing.
  5. Plan time to pre-medicate before Festivus’ Feats of Strength. For people with exercise-induced asthma, medications may need time to kick in before ringing in the end of Festivus. Consider substituting arm wrestling if grass or other outdoor triggers present difficulty.
  6. Consider weather and temperature when planning outdoor celebrations. Cold air can be a trigger for some asthmatics. Poor air quality or high humidity are the challenge for others.
  7. Offer non-alcoholic drink options. Some medications don’t mix well with alcohol. Alcohol or the sulfites to preserve it can be an asthma trigger.
  8. Keep your germs to yourself. At least drop the person with asthma in your life a quick text or call. A cold can linger in our lungs for quite some time once we catch it. If it is the flu or something more serious, we may end up in the hospital. Don’t take our distance from sick people personally. I promise we still love you and will give you a hug when you’re well :)
  9. Use technology like video chat when triggers are impossible to remove from the house. Video chat can be an excellent way to bridge the gap without germs, scents, cigarette smoke, or other triggers.
  10. Consider pets carefully. If Fido or Fluffy has joined your household doesn’t hurt to remind us ahead of time. Double this caution if you are considering giving a furry companion as a holiday present.

Have fun celebrating!

As you have hopefully gathered from all these tips it all boils down to being sensitive to your asthmatic’s triggers. When in doubt ask us! I promise I am elated to have someone take the time and care to see if something will work for us.

Yes, this may spoil a surprise for us. I would much rather have a surprise gift spoiled than find myself coughing from a gift or holiday tradition. An unplanned Emergency Room trip or hospital stay will put a real damper on the festivities.

Wishing you a Happy Healthy Trigger Free Holiday Season! Do you have an asthma-friendly holiday traditions?

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