Themes parks, misting and asthma.

Theme Parks, Misting and Asthma

Last updated: March 2018

Even though I've been coming here for years, I can still say that I LOVE Disneyland! With a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, I can really appreciate all the detail. I marvel at the theme of each area, the architecture and detailed interior. Add some gorgeous landscaping, and it really is magical.

Will the asthma attack begin now?

Disney likes to immerse its visitors in the experience of every ride. And part of that is using theatrical elements, such as lighting, music, fog and misting.

I noticed the misting on Pirates of the Caribbean. And so did my lungs. As soon as our boat lazily drifted under the mist, I had the familiar twitch in my throat, and the cough started. That's how asthma attacks start for me - a tickle or twitch in my throat, and then a sudden, hard cough.

Luckily for me, I had already used my inhaler. I noticed how cold it was as we were standing in line at the parking garage, waiting for the shuttle to take us to Downtown Disney. Cold temperatures are one of my Asthma triggers. I knew that if we were outside on a cold day, my lungs were going to be cranky. Add that to the head cold I was already battling, and I knew I better use my inhaler to protect my lungs.

So, when we were under the mist in the boat, it bothered my lungs, but I knew I was okay because I had used my inhaler just an hour before.

Why would theatrical mist bother my lungs?

It falls under the category of “irritants”. For those of us with asthma, there are two categories of asthma triggers - irritants and allergies.

Am I alone in being bothered by theatrical misting? No. A quick internet search led to several articles that warn about theatrical misting triggering asthma attacks.

I had a family member that was attending a show in Las Vegas with his family, and he had a an asthma attack from the misting and fog during a theatrical production. His experience was MUCH scarier because he used his inhaler, but was still having a hard time breathing. So they had to call an ambulance and take him to the hospital.

Talk about scary!

It’s all part of the annoying reality of asthma.

Our bodies over-react to simple, every day things. You know - like dogs, cats, trees, flowers, grass, smoke, theatrical misting, etc. I remind people that asthma is a "drama queen" - our bodies just over react to normal things in the environment. And there's nothing we can do, except try to avoid anything that we know might trigger an asthma attack.

For that reason, I ALWAYS take my inhaler with me. You never know when you might be around an asthma trigger, and I want to make sure I’m protected. Nothing scares me more than not having my inhaler with me.

So, Disneyland was amazing (what else is new?) and worth every penny. And even though my lungs were annoyed by the misting on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, I didn’t end up with an asthma attack.

I’ll take that as a win.

Anyone else have problems with misting or fog during rides at amusement parks or watching plays?

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