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This or That: Asthma Edition

Every person is different, and asthma is not the same for everyone. This means that people in our community likely have different preferences when it comes to a variety of topics, some general, and some more asthma specific. We'd love to learn more about what our community members prefer, so let's play a game of This OR That! Select your personal preferences in the boxes below to share them and see how they align with other community members who have participated!

Let's play this OR that: Asthma edition!

This or That

I prefer

Seasonal differences in temperature, hobbies or activities, and occasions to gather with others could impact whether someone prefers one season over the other. Not to mention, a person could be exposed to more asthma triggers, or experience worse symptoms in a particular season.

This or That

On most days, I feel my best

You may have an easier time managing asthma symptoms or have different levels of energy depending on the time of day.

This or That

I am

This community is for people who have asthma, their loved ones, and their caregivers. We also have community members that are healthcare professionals and write for our community. Regardless of your relationship with asthma, you are welcome here.

This or That

I prefer to use

Several of our patient leaders have already shared their personal preferences around this question. Check out articles about why Corinne and Christy prefer inhalers. It has been pointed out that sometimes there is no choice in which treatment you use because you have to do what is best for your health, but that does not mean you might prefer one treatment over the other.

This or That

I prefer to use

Have you used a spacer? Has it been recommended for you by a doctor? If you do, how do you best manage using it and cleaning it? Share your experience with a spacer in the comments.

This or That

When I exercise I

Exercising with asthma can be very difficult. It's important to talk to your doctor about exercising and how best to manage your asthma before, during, and after taking part in activities. Have you found an exercise routine that is enjoyable for you?

This or That

To prop myself up and be most comfortable I prefer

Some of our patient leaders have shared that sometimes they need to prop themselves up to breathe more comfortably, and it sparked this question. If you prop yourself up ever do you use pillows, a recliner, or something else? If the option isn't listed, or this doesn't pertain to your experience, leave us a comment in the comments section and share your story!

This or That

I feel most comfortable having my doctors appointments

Sometimes using telehealth is more convenient for time-saving purposes (traveling to and from an office and possibly multiple appointments), however, some people would prefer to see their doctor in person to be able to express their concerns or check-in.

This or That

I prefer to

If you prefer to share your own experiences with asthma, we have the space for you to do so here. If you prefer to read about other people's experiences with asthma, we invite you to read any of our patient leaders' articles as they share their personal asthma stories with the community!

Thank you for playing this or that, and teaching us more about the preferences of this wonderful community!

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