Right Treatment, for That Symptom

Last updated: March 2021

I have been going through a particularly rough patch lately and I have had an even greater goal of having some symptom control. I usually have a good handle on things but since a recent exacerbation, I just had not been able to get my groove back for some reason.

Identifying symptoms and triggers

It is really important to understand what your symptoms are and what may be causing them. Today I had a memory of asking my physician for a different route of medication b/c I just could not get my mind into an increased daily dose and thought that an IV route that is typically used in acute circumstances would be a good fix. The answer to my request was a flat out NO, he didn’t even entertain the request. What I know now, that may have been a temporary fix but it would not have solved the long-term goal, which is to control the underlying inflammation and keep it under control.

Lesson learned!

I am even a bit embarrassed by my question, knowing what I know now.

I thought back to this time today, as I have been struggling recently. I have been trying to pinpoint symptoms and the amount of symptom control that I actually have. These are key steps in identifying the best the treatment or even modifications or tweaks to treatments plan to discuss with my doctor, to get my asthma under better control.

Proper evaluation is an important part of the process

I am a fan of researching our symptoms and doing my own assessment and diagnosis. However, since I have not been to med school and am not a medical professional, I would have to leave this to someone else. I started at the beginning and that is to do some data gathering, it was time to get out my trusty notebook and pen. I am old-school that way. There are lots of greats apps and technology that you can use for tracking symptoms etc. I personally, really like to just jot them done, whether it is is the frequency of symptoms, how I am feeling, need for rescue inhalers or even when I was seeing improvements. This let me go into appointments armed with as much knowledge as possible.

I had booked my follow-up appointment. I had data in my hand and I was ready to figure out what had been driving my recent increase in symptoms. This process involved, symptoms and history review, blood work, sputum. It turns out that it looked like my inflammation was out of sorts and I was looking at having to get it back under control. I had a great discussion with my physician about the importance of treating the underlying causes. What have been your experience of tracking symptoms and understanding root causes?

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