Video Games for Fitness.

Video Games for Fitness

We all know that getting off the couch and working out is good for us. However it can be hard to find an activity that you enjoy enough to stick with long term. Which is perhaps why researchers have turned to video games to try improve the fitness of children with asthma. Active video games can be a tool to improve exercise capacity and asthma control.1 Breaking out the gaming console and playing along with an adventure game sure sounds a lot more exciting to me than another session on the treadmill.
My fellow nerds and geeks might not think about how some of our hobbies can actually be fitness activities. Like many people who grew up playing the card game, and watching the cartoon I've installed the Pokemon Go app on my phone and have started exploring my city on the quest for a rare catch. While I'm not exactly a sedentary person, put an app on my phone and suddenly going for a 2 kilometer walk seems like just the thing to do after dinner. The first time I went out looking for Pokemon I didn't think about needing to pretreat for exercise and bring along water.
Many nerdy pursuits can be an excellent way to get some exercise in without having to head to the gym. For example Humans vs Zombies or another tag for grown-ups game can be a good way to get into jogging. The downside is that you may not have a built in warm up and cool down period when you're trying to sprint from one safe zone to the next while throwing socks at the "Zombies" in your path.  Don't discount live action role playing, foam sword or nerf blaster fights, or historical renenactments as another source of physical activity. Whether you are charging after a Confederate soldier or walking all over town in search of alien landing "checkpoints" it all counts as fitness. Maybe parkour is more your speed rather than an aerobics class at the gym. Your Wii or Xbox could be a great way to work on your fitness with a dance party, balancing, or obstacle course game.
I know we geeks get a reputation for hiding out in the basement to play Dungeons and Dragons, or stare into a computer screen all day. Even if your athletic friends wouldn't join in your version of fitness doesn't make it any less beneficial to you. Leveling up your strength, agility, or dexterity score in life is a great pursuit and there are many ways to get there. Don't forget to add your usual asthma pre-exercise routines to the list of things to when you head out to play. If you are willing to follow your passions in finding exercise it can be truly rewarding. Yes, it can be a bit different to be the only one not of retirement age at your water aerobics class. I really enjoyed doing water aerobics, gained some muscle, and learned some life lessons from my elders along the way. If you enjoy the activity and will stick with it then go for it! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go for a walk and hatch some eggs. What is your favorite way to get fit without heading to the gym?

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